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Snake River Farms Review

Snake River Farms

Snake River Farms offers high-quality beef that is so good, it’s rated beyond prime. That puts the company’s beef in a higher rating than the 3% of beef that reaches prime status. A true luxury in the beef world, the…
Organic Baby Food Delivery by Hello Yumi

Hello Yumi

If you are in search of the best baby food companies, we are guessing your quest was launched when you checked the ingredients lists on products you found at your local grocery store. You would think baby food would be…


The Affordable Meal Kit for Families Meal kits save you time so that you can eat a healthy meal while still spending time with your family. There’s just one problem: most meal kits are expensive. Marley Spoon is looking to…
Thrive Coupon

Is a Thrive Market Membership Worth It?

You’ve seen their advertisements on Facebook and other social media sties. You’ve even seen celebrities touting it.  Thrive Market is supposed to be the new way to shop for organic, healthy groceries. It comes at a price, but advertisements claim…

Organic Products

eco-friendly toilet brush

Eco-Friendly Toilet Brush

Made from the coir fibres of coconut shells, this green toilet brush from Greenfeet will get the job done with less plastic. The sturdy wood handle makes this brush functional and attractive. Hanging cord included. Coir is a fairly stiff,…
organic dirty dozen

Organic Dirty Dozen List

A simulation of thousands of consumers eating high and low-pesticide diets shows that people can lower their pesticide exposure by 90 percent by avoiding the top twelve most contaminated fruits and vegetables and eating the least contaminated instead. Eating the…
best biodegradable garbage bags

The 4 Top Rated Biodegradable Garbage Bags

Are you trying to figure out how to dispose of household garbage without using plastic bags? If you are ready to stop contributing extra plastic to landfills, then the solution is to buy biodegradable garbage bags. This post is going…
holy lamb organics

Holy Lamb Organics

We live in a time where if we don’t choose sustainability and eco-friendly practices in our everyday lives, we are going to cause irreparable harm to our planet. Everything you do to make a difference helps—even something as seemingly small…


earth sheltered underground homes

Earth-Sheltered Underground Houses

Picture living underground. It may seem like a radical idea, but there are more people living in underground homes than you might think. And with climate change upon us, it seems quite likely that earth-sheltered homes will soon start taking…
What Is Organic Architecture

What Is Organic Architecture?

The world of architecture is complex, with different styles and philosophies that shape the landscape of this industry. Organic architecture is one such philosophy, and it’s had a profound effect on modern architecture. But what exactly is organic architecture, who…

Yurt Living 101

While browsing listings on AirBnB, you have no doubt stumbled across some spacious, circular, tents with lattice walls and radial rafters. These structures are known as yurts. The aesthetic beauty of a yurt is apparent the instant you see it….
The Organic House

The Organic House by Javier Senosiain

“Organic architecture” is a term that most of us have heard at some point or other. One striking example of an organic structure is the “Organic House” by Javier Senosiain. In this post, we are going to check it out….

Green Magic Homes Makes Your Hobbit House Dream Come True

Green Magic Homes has created an innovative construction system for building earth-sheltered homes that are anything but primitive. Underground dwellers live in total comfort, enjoying all modern amenities while living harmoniously in nature. Here’s Why Prefab Underground Homes Reign Supreme…

Bring life to your home with premium plants


rooftop gardening guide

Rooftop Garden Guide

Tapping into the expanding market for rooftop farming and green roofs, this is the first stylish, easy-to-use book for urban gardeners interested in utilizing their roof space for growing food. As more people experiment with growing their own food in…
How Many Bags Of Mulch Are In A Yard

How Many Bags Of Mulch Are In A Yard?

Mulch can be a very beneficial addition to your home garden or landscaping. Organic mulch, such as pine straw or bark mulch, can help the soil retain moisture, prevent weed growth, reduce temperature fluctuations and add beauty to your outdoor…
Container Gardening

EarthBox Container Gardening Guide

Want to grow your own vegetables, herbs or flowers, but don’t have the yard space? With EarthBox, you can grow plants wherever you want – even if you live in a concrete jungle. But how exactly does EarthBox work? Let’s…
Roots Organics Soil

Roots Organics Soil

If you want to grow healthier plants, you need to start with healthy soil. When your soil has everything that your plants need to grow and thrive, they’ll be more productive and provide bigger yields. Whether growing flowers or a…
Water Rounds garden plant rings

WaterRounds Plant Rings

Water is one of the most precious resources on this planet. Most of us take water for granted – until there isn’t much of it left. Water conservation is important, but an estimated 9 billion gallons of water is wasted…


is organic food better for you

Organic Foods 101: Why is Organic Food Better?

When you are shopping for food, do you buy products labeled “organic?” Regardless of whether you answered “yes” or “no,” there is a good chance you have some confusion about what exactly it means for a food or beverage to…
what is Organic Farming

What is Organic Farming?

What is Organic Farming? Humans have been farming for more than 10,000 years. Up until recently, organic practices were the only practices that farmers could use to grow crops and raise livestock. Pesticides and fertilizers were invented in the 19th…

Organic Bedding

alpaca throw

Alicia Adams Alpaca Blankets & Throws

Want to snuggle up into a warm, cozy blanket that is fair-trade and sustainably made? Alicia Adams Alpaca is an eco-friendly company that manufactures a line of blankets, throws, apparel, and other soft alpaca wool products. In this post, we…
organic wool mattress

Sleep & Beyond Organic Wool Mattress Products

When most people think of bedding, they think of cotton or bamboo. But did you know that sleeping with wool bedding can lower your heart rate and improve the quality of your sleep? You don’t necessarily need to invest in…
Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress For Sale

Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress Guide

Naturepedic started its mission of offering safer, healthier sleep options in 2003. An organic natural mattress without polyurethane or flame retardants, the Naturepedic crib mattress eliminates harmful chemicals and helps support the organic movement. Chemicals have an impact on children….


miss earth

Miss Earth Pageant

Beauty For A Purpose Miss Earth is an annual international major beauty pageant based in the Philippines that advocates for environmental awareness, conservation and social responsibility. Along with Miss World, Miss Universe, and Miss International, it is one of the…
Can I Recycle Styrofoam?

Can You Recycle Styrofoam?

Styrofoam accounts for 30% of space in many landfill sites. The widespread usage of Styrofoam has led to 25 billion cups entering landfills annually. However, the material is used for more than just cups – it’s also used for food…

Indoor Growing Systems

Hey abby Grow Box

The Hey abby Grow Box allows anyone to grow any strain in their own space. This indoor grow system exploded on Kickstarter a year ago because it takes the guesswork out of growing herb in your own home. What is…

Water Filtration

best wine filters guide

Wine Filter Systems

Do you get a headache from drinking wine? If so, you may have heard of wine filter systems. Manufacturers of these systems say that purifying your wine of sulfites may be the key to enjoying wine without unwanted side effects….
Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Filter System

Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Filter System

Having fresh, clean drinking water is essential. Being connected to your city’s water system doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it’s free of contaminants. A reverse osmosis water filtration system can help ensure that the water from your tap is purified and…
Made In USA Water Filters

Epic Water Filters

Epic Water Filters was founded in 2015 by Ash Heather after moving from the U.S. to Asia and witnessing first-hand the plastic bottle pollution on beaches. Devastated by what he saw, Ash was determined to create a solution for what…