Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress Guide

Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress For Sale

Naturepedic started its mission of offering safer, healthier sleep options in 2003. An organic natural mattress without polyurethane or flame retardants, the Naturepedic crib mattress eliminates harmful chemicals and helps support the organic movement.

Chemicals have an impact on children.

Some chemicals have been banned for use in crib mattresses because it’s believed that the chemicals may be contributing to an increase in childhood disorders.

Naturepedic organic crib mattresses offers U.S.A. made products, a 30-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime limited warranty

Which is the Best Naturepedic Organic Mattress: 2-Stage vs Classic?

Naturepedic’s crib mattress options all follow the same green principles. Certified organic and non-toxic, all of these crib mattresses are:

  • GOTS certified
  • MADE-SAFE certified
  • UL/GREENGUARD certified

All materials and the entire finished product are certified.

But isn’t eco or “green” just as good?

No, these are marketing terms to try and pass products off as organic that are not organic.

The words “eco” and “green” do not mean the same thing as organic. When a product is certified organic, this means that the product meets stringent standards to display the organic name on the product.

Eco and green products do not need to meet these same standards. Naturepedic is 100% organic, and you can always check on the company’s certifications to make sure that these claims are true.

Naturepedic says goodbye to harmful chemicals in mattresses, including:

  • Flame retardants
  • Polyurethane foam
  • PFCs
  • Phthalates
  • Vinyl
  • Biocides

When you choose Naturepedic, you’re choosing a company that never compromises on the health and safety of their mattress owners.

Naturepedic also backs all of their claims with regular chemical emissions testing and scientific data. If you compare the company’s endorsements to any other mattress brand, the company has more endorsements than anyone on the market today.

The Naturepedic 2-Stage Crib Difference

The best organic crib mattress is the 2-stage crib mattress.

Why is this mattress special?

It’s the only organic certified crib mattress on the market today that is also breathable. A breathable mattress allows your toddler to remain more comfortable, sweat less and do so with a three-dimensional breathable space.

Original crib mattresses do not offer this same level of breathability.

The 2-stage mattress offers:

  • A 100% organic, three-dimensional breathable space
  • Organic cotton batting
  • 252 coil innerspring for maximum comfort
  • Waterproof coating on organic cotton fabric for a wipe-clean surface
  • Lightweight, wavesupport core that allows for easy lifting
  • Support layer that adds extra firmness to the mattress

But let’s take a look at the materials that Naturepedic has added into their mattress’ design. The materials, all organic, are designed to provide infants with healthier materials that won’t pose a chemical risk to your child.

The healthier materials that are used for the mattress are:

  • Organic cotton fabric + fill – Cotton fabric allows for a healthier option than synthetic foams and fabrics. US grown and organic certified, all of the fabric and filling comes from USDA certified sources to ensure that the material your child sleeps on is 100% safe.
  • Waterproofing – An essential part of every crib mattress is a waterproofing solution that features polythelene instead of harsh chemicals. The polythelene is made without glues and adhesives unlike other, non-organic options.
  • PLA Layer – The PLA layer is derived from plant-based material and provides extra resilience.
  • Innerspring or Wavesupport – The innersprings are lightweight yet strong. The lightweight design allows mom or dad to easily lift the bedding for a quick and easy change.

The Classic also includes all of these four layers, but it does not include the 252 coils for maximum comfort. Instead, the Classic comes with a 150-coil innerspring.

Springs are all 13-gauge coils and have a 9-gauge border wire. The higher gauges provide additional support and stability to the mattress.

An innerspring design is rarely found in crib mattresses, but it’s an important aspect of a crib mattress because innersprings will add durability to the mattress.

The 2-stage option offers a crib mattress that has dual firmness.

What is dual firmness?

The Naturepedic crib mattress is designed to “grow” with your child. Infants lack the basic muscle and core strength they need to sleep on soft mattress. Most crib mattresses for infants are firm to provide the safest option for an infant.

But when the baby starts transitioning into a toddler, the mattress offers a medium-firm option that is more comfortable while providing slightly less support. All you need to do is flip the mattress – not purchase a new one.

The mattress will fit in both a standard and toddler bed.

But won’t the two bed sizes cause a gap between the edge of the crib and lead to potential suffocation?

The mattress provides a snug fit for both crib sizes, so you’ll be able to give the two-finger test a try and the mattress will pass.

It’s important that any mattress you purchase doesn’t have a gap at the edge of the crib. When toddlers start to roll and position themselves in the bed, these gaps can lead to severe safety risks and even the child being stuck in the gap.

You never have to worry about large gaps with Naturepedic. The company always puts safety first when designing a product.

Luxurious in every sense of the way, the mattress also boasts a quilted removable cover that is machine washable. If your baby has an accident or makes a mess on the bed, it’s easy to clean the cover and put it back on.

The 3D mesh surface allows for maximum breathability and comfort from a crib mattress.

Construction Concepts and the No Compromise Mattress

Naturepedic crib mattresses follow the No Compromise™ design policy. This policy ensures that the product you receive is the best in the industry. We’ve already established that the filling and material use organic cotton.

Organic cotton means that the product has been grown without the need to use:

  • GMOs
  • Fertilizers
  • Synthetic pesticides

Foams and other materials found in competing crib mattresses are filled with latex and chemically treated. And why is this bad? These foams can make a child more allergy prone.

The waterproof design normally uses a synthetic that is chemical-ridden, but Naturepedic has changed the landscape here, too. While the company does use polyethylene, which is a plastic, the company uses food-grade polyethylene. Food-grade allows for the strictest contact standards and helps add stain resistance to the mattress, too.

Digging deeper into the fiber, the mattress’ PLA batting is made with non-GMO potato starch and is 100% made from plants. There are no harmful chemicals or gasses used in the fibers of each mattress.

What about fire resistance?

The normal fire resistance properties actually include harmful chemicals that are not good for children to come in contact with at any time in their lives. Instead of making a product that is inferior, the company uses materials that are chemical-free and provide the best form of protection against fire.

Organic cottons are less fire resistant.

But don’t take my word for It. The company’s products are up to Federal and State standards, so they’ve been able to meet all flammability standards without having to use chemicals.

The Naturepedic crib mattress is sturdy yet comfortable. When you put your kids down to sleep at night, a comfortable mattress allows you to sleep the night through – or as long as your toddler sleeps – while an uncomfortable mattress will cause you to be up all night long.

Where to Buy Naturepedic Mattresses?

Naturepedic offers a slight bounce, temperature regulation thanks to the breathability of the mattress, and it doesn’t come with a harsh, chemical odor that other crib mattresses have when first using them.

It’s the industry’s best organic crib mattress.

If you’re convinced that the Naturepedic crib mattress is the best organic crib mattress, the official Amazon Store is your best bet for making a purchase. The official store offers all of Naturepedic’s newest organic mattresses, plus you can enjoy Prime shipping and a free return policy.