My aunt was the original pioneer for Planet Organics.  She had a vision of delivering locally grown, organic produce in the Bay area.   For more than 19 years, they made that vision a reality.

From San Jose to Petaluma to Livermore, more than one million home deliveries have been made since 1997.

Unfortunately, the original business was not prepared for the economic hardships in 2008.  After putting up a strong fight, we were not able to sustain that original vision beyond 2015. The organic movement was deeply routed by that point and we simply could not continue operating at a loss.

Our vision did not stop at that point.

In fact, we are proud to see the growth in the organic meal delivery industry. Consumers now have many viable options to eat green. Our website will live on and help bring attention to companies that further and expand upon our original vision. Our new goal is to help people live healthier and leave a smaller footprint on our planet. From green supplements to alternative housing to healthy recipes, we look forward to helping you find new ways to improve your lifestyle.