WaterRounds Plant Rings

Water Rounds garden plant rings

Water is one of the most precious resources on this planet. Most of us take water for granted – until there isn’t much of it left.

Water conservation is important, but an estimated 9 billion gallons of water is wasted each day on watering lawns and gardens. What if there was a more effective way to water plants without sacrificing their health and wasting so much water?

That’s where WaterRounds plant rings come in. These rings make watering more effective and encourage deep root growth for healthier plants.

What is a Planting Ring?

A planting ring is like a water basin for trees and shrubs. They surround the base of the plant and funnel the water where it’s needed the most – directly to the roots of the plant.

It also acts as a water saving ring, so each time you water your plants, the ring prevents the water from running off into other parts of the garden.

Not only do these rings prevent water waste, but they also promote healthy plant growth by ensuring deep watering directly at the roots.

In other words, your watering sessions are more effective because the water only goes where it’s needed.

Although planting rings are most commonly used for trees and shrubs, they can also be used to help grow healthy vegetables, flowers and herbs. They can be used with virtually any plant, making them a versatile and useful tool in the garden.

The Benefits of WaterRounds Plant Rings

watering rings for plants

There are many benefits to installing plant rings in your garden, including:

Makes Watering More Effective

Plant rings allow for deep, effective watering that encourages healthy plants. Overwatering is a common problem. When you water your trees and plants daily, their roots have no reason to grow deep. The water is always available right there at the surface. With deep watering, roots are encouraged to grow down deeper, allowing for healthier and stronger plants that are more drought tolerant.

Plant rings make it easy to give your plants the deep watering they need to maintain this healthy growth. Instead of allowing excess water to spill out into other parts of the garden, water rings direct it straight to the plant’s root.

The ring acts as a barrier to keep the water in place and slowly seep down into soil.

This means that the soil will slowly absorb the water, so you can water less often. Deep roots also mean that the plant can better withstand droughts and grab water from deeper down in the earth.

Helps with Erosion and Weed Growth

Another great benefit of using plant rings is that they can help with erosion and limit the growth of invasive weeds.

Water runoff can erode hillsides, making it more difficult and costly to maintain the landscape. With a plant ring, the water stays inside one area to eliminate damaging runoff that contributes to erosion.

Because the water is concentrated within the ring (rather than spreading throughout the garden), it also helps limit growth of invasive weeds that can be difficult to manage.

WaterRounds plant rings can hold quite a bit of water:

  • The 24” ring can hold 5 gallons of water.
  • The 20” ring can hold 3.5 gallons of water.
  • The 16” ring can hold 2 gallons of water.

The ring’s ability to hold onto water means that you can water less often and without worry of water spilling out into the surrounding area.

Easy to Install

Plant rings may sound like a complicated gadget, but they’re really easy to install. The ring sits around the base of the plant. Just place ground, add your plant, and you’re ready to go.

Some plant rings have latches that allow you to open and close the ring for installation on existing plants. Otherwise, you’ll need to install the ring at the time of planting or shortly after.

Once installed in the ground, all that’s left to do is water your plants. A layer of mulch or some flowering plants will help hide the ring, so you’ll never even know it’s there.

Comes in a Variety of Sizes and Options

A beautiful example

WaterRounds plant rings come in a variety of sizes, and you can buy several at one time for a lower price.

Planting rings come in the following sizes:

  • 24”
  • 20”
  • 16”

You can buy them in packs of three, six or 14, so you can make sure that all of your plants are covered.

Protects Your Plants

A plant ring protects your plants from weed whackers and mowers, which can cause irreparable damage. You can take care of your lawn more confidently when you know plant rings are protecting your prized plants.

They Look Nice

The plant rings from WaterRounds look great in the garden. You can leave them as they are, or you can add flowers to brighten things up.

The black color blends nicely in dirt and mulch, so you may not even notice they’re there.

How to Install a Water Saving Ring

Installing a planting ring is easier than you think:

  • Start by digging a hole for your plant.
  • Add your plant, and fill the remainder of the hole back in with dirt.
  • Place the plant round around your new plant.
  • Add topsoil to fill the ring.
  • Give your plant a good watering.
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

The 24” size opens and closes, so you can use it on existing plants. The other sizes do not have this feature, so you’ll need to install them as you’re planting or shortly after.

Plant rings are a great way to reduce water waste, encourage healthy plant growth and even stave off weed growth and erosion. They look great in the garden, and they’re easy to install. They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different plants, and you can use them with new or existing plants. To make your life easier, they also come in packs of 3 or more, so you can protect all of your plants.

If you’re looking for a simple way to make the most of your plant waterings, plant rings are a great option.