Epic Water Filters

Made In USA Water Filters

Epic Water Filters was founded in 2015 by Ash Heather after moving from the U.S. to Asia and witnessing first-hand the plastic bottle pollution on beaches. Devastated by what he saw, Ash was determined to create a solution for what has only become a growing problem.

Why Choose Epic Water Filters?

Epic Water Filters

When Ash created Epic, the goal was to create a bottle with an advanced filter built into it. The filter function would allow people with poor quality drinking water to safely drink their water without having to buy single-use water bottles.

It’s not just developing countries that have issues with drinking water quality.

Flint, Michigan’s water crisis proves that any country is vulnerable to this issue, and Epic Water Filters can help. The company offers a wide range of filtration systems to cover all of your bases, whether you’re out hiking and traveling or at home. They offer bottles, pitchers and home filtration systems.

With Epic, you can have clean, safe drinking water wherever you go.

If this isn’t reason enough to choose Epic Water Filters, then here are some more:

Advanced Filtration System

Epic Water Advanced Filtration System

Epic’s filters draw in and trap water contaminants as it passes through the straw. Their filters are made of:

  • Activated coconut carbon: Derived from coconut shells, which removes pollutants and organic compounds. These filters can remove toxins like PCB’s, chlorine, PBDE’s, solvents and other compounds that cause bad odor and taste.
  • CRM ion exchange medias: A proprietary media that removes trace pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, and industrial and agricultural pollutants.

All filters are made in the USA, so you can be sure of their quality and effectiveness.

The Outdoor Bottle Filter product uses nanofiber technology to achieve some of the highest standards in the industry. This multi-layer filtration system contains:

  • Powdered activated carbon, or PAC, layer
  • Antimicrobial protection layer
  • Two layers of spunbonded polyester

It also uses proprietary media to eliminate submicron contaminants using ion exchange and electroadhesion. The design of this filter has been shown to remove a variety of contaminants, from VOC’s to DPB’s, cysts, viruses, bacteria and more.

Removes Microplastics

As microplastics continue to contaminate oceans and fresh water systems, there’s a greater concern over whether they impact the health of humans, animals and marine life. Here’s the good news: Epic Water Filters do remove microplastics and microbeads.

  • Epic Pure and Nano Pitchers: 99.62% and 99.25% respectively
  • Epic Smart Shield: 99.6%
  • Urban and Outdoor Water Bottle Filters: 99.8% and 99.25% respectively

Use it in Fresh Lakes, Rivers and Streams

best outdoor water filter

Some of Epic’s filters can be used with lakes, rivers and streams. Only two filters are designed to for use with “potentially microbiologically hazardous water sources,” according to Epic:

  • Epic Water Outdoor Filter
  • Epic Nano Pitcher Filter

Their fridge filter removes viruses, bacteria and cysts as well as other contaminants. Their Urban Bottle Filter and Pure Pitcher Filter are only designed for use with municipal water.

Keeps Plastic Bottles Out of Landfills

Perhaps the biggest reason to choose Epic Water Filters is that it completely eliminates the need for plastic water bottles. According to Epic, their filters stop more than 500 plastic bottles from entering oceans and landfills.

Epic Filtration Products

Although Epic Water Filters offers a variety of filters, there are two products that stand out from the crowd:

Epic Smart Shield – The Best Water Filter for Sinks

best under sink water filter

The Smart Shield is a multi-stage, under-sink filter system that’s been independently tested. It’s also triple-certified against NSF/ANSI Standards:

  • 42 for chlorine, taste, particulates and odors
  • 53 for lead, cryptosporidium, asbestos and volatile organic chemicals (VOC)
  • 401 for detergents, herbicides, pharmaceuticals and “emerging” pesticides

The certification ensures that their filters actually remove what they say they remove.

Epic promises a 99.99% reduction of more than 70 contaminants.

Just install the Smart Shield underneath your sink to enjoy fresh, clean drinking water every time you turn on the tap.

The Smart Shield filter:

  • Lasts 12+ months.
  • Removes the most tap water contaminants, including trihalomethanes, lead, atrazine, bromodichloromethane, xylenes, benzene, asbestos, chloramine, bacteria, mercury, glyphosate, haloacetic acids, radiological elements, chlorpyrifos, microplastics, trace pharmaceuticals, MTBE, PFOA/PFOS, PFC, VOCs and more.

If you’re looking for a home water filtration system, the Smart Shield is an excellent choice. It works well for both city water and well water.

What About Installation?

One concern with sink filtration systems is that it will be complicated or difficult to install. However, the Smart Shield was designed for easy do-it-yourself (DIY) installation and won’t take up too much space under the sink.

You don’t have to hire a plumber to install this filter. Plus, it comes with heavy-duty Velcro tape so that you don’t have to drill holes. The compact design ensures that your filtration system can still store things under your sink and means that it can be installed even in tight spaces where other filters don’t fit.

What About Filter Replacement?

Smart Shield has a long lifespan. Here’s how often you will need to replace your filter:

  • Light Use (1 person): 14-16 months
  • Normal Use (2 people): 12 months
  • Heavy Use (larger family, households with pets or that do a lot of cooking and plant watering): 9-12 months

The Escape – Our Favorite Glass Bottle with Filter
glass water bottle with filter

For on-the-go water filtration, The Escape glass water bottle will keep you hydrated without polluting the planet. It comes in four fun colors (Pacific Blue, Cool Grey, Black or Purple) and is made of 100% glass, so it’s BPA/BPS-free.

What’s so great about glass? Not only is glass recyclable, but it also doesn’t change the flavor of your water like plastic can. Glass is also easy to clean, and The Escape can be put right into the dishwasher for effortless maintenance.

The bottle’s caps and straws are also BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free.

The Escape comes with a medical-grade, BPA/BPS-free silicone sleeve that protects the glass and provides a non-slip grip. You can be confident that even after a heavy workout or afternoon hike, your bottle won’t slip out of your hands and break.

Like other Epic Water Filters products, The Escape is tested against the following NSF/ANSI Standards:

  • 42
  • 53
  • 401
  • P473

What Does the Filter Remove?

what does it remove

The Escape’s filter removes most tap water contaminants, including:

  • Heavy metals
  • Trace pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical additives (Chlorine)
  • Trihalomethanes
  • Pesticides
  • VOC’s
  • PFOA and PFOS

The outdoor filter is not included with this water bottle, which means that it is only designed for use with city water.

How Long Do Filters Last?

Water bottle filters are smaller than under-sink and pitcher filters, but The Escape’s filter lasts a surprisingly long time. Filters need to be replaced every 3-4 months and can filter up to 75 gallons before needing to be replaced.

The nice thing about these filters is that they’re already pre-flushed, so you don’t have to waste time flushing the filter each time you replace it. Just install it and get on with your day.

With Epic Water Filters, there’s no need to buy plastic water bottles that contaminate waterways, pile up in landfills and drain your bank account. They eliminate contaminants commonly found in tap water, so you can enjoy clean, delicious tasting water right from the tap. With long filter lives, it’s a small investment with a major return – lower environmental impact and fresh drinking water.

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