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holy lamb organics

We live in a time where if we don’t choose sustainability and eco-friendly practices in our everyday lives, we are going to cause irreparable harm to our planet.

Everything you do to make a difference helps—even something as seemingly small and purchasing eco-friendly, organic bedding from a company like Holy Lamb Organics.

If you’ve been hearing about Holy Lamb Organics and wondering what the hype is all about, in this article, you can learn what makes Holy Lamb different and what sets this organic company’s products apart.

Why Choose Holy Lamb Organics?

Holy Lamb Organics started in 2000 as a home-operated Washington business. Originally, the owner focused on creating travel pillows. When those were successful, the company branched into making comforters and more.

Here are a few reasons to choose Holy Lamb:

Sustainability: Holy Lamb Organics sustainability is at the core of the company’s values. The company uses only sustainable, renewable resources such as wool, latex, cotton and wood to make products. You can read in detail about Holy Lamb’s sustainability and zero waste practices on their website. The company writes, “Following a sustainable cradle-to-cradle model that emphasizes eliminating the concept of waste, we find a purpose for every scrap of material involved in the manufacture and distribution of our products. Because nothing is wasted, there’s no need for waste disposal.”

Handcrafting: The company is also devoted to sustaining a skilled artisan workforce, writing, “At Holy Lamb Organics, we’re proud to carry on a centuries-old tradition of making beautiful textile products by hand.” Those who are curious and local to (or visiting) Oakville, WA can even take a tour and watch the crafters.

Social responsibility: Holy Lamb writes that they are, “dedicated to fair labor practices, secure working conditions, diversity, and inclusion,” and that, “Through direct financial contributions, in-kind donations, and volunteerism, we actively support the social and environmental goals inherent in our mission.”

• Holy Lamb offers fast, free shipping on most products if you are ordering anywhere in the continental US.

• The company offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on most items. Products are also backed by solid warranties. For example, if you purchase a mattress, it has a 20-year warranty from defects.

• Have an unusually-shaped or -sized bed or other furnishing? If you need a custom mattress or comforter, Holy Lamb Organics can oblige.

Our Top Holy Lamb Organics Products

Now that we have had a chance to introduce Holy Lamb Organics and what makes this manufacturer and its products special, let’s go over some of the top products in the company’s eco-friendly catalog.

Holy Lamb Organics Perfect Comfort Standard Eco-Wool & Organic Cotton King Size Comforter

If you are in search of a beautiful, cozy organic comforter which can fit a king-size bed, this Holy Lamb Organics Perfect Comfort Comforter may just be the healthy, sustainable choice that you are looking for.


• The filling of the comforter is 100% pure eco-wool and the organic cotton cover is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. This is a rigorous certification which is challenging to earn, and many other comforters by other manufacturers, “organic” or otherwise, have not earned it.
• The 300-thread count ensures maximum softness and comfort. Every 6”-8”, the comforter is tufted by hand.
• What is “eco-wool?” In its case, it refers to wool produced through the Sustainable Wool Program. Farmers who take part in this program must conform to certain guidelines for the humane treatment of their flocks, and cannot use chemicals in their environments.
• The comforter is very fluffy, not flat.
• It is machine-washable, but you must set out to dry, not put it in your dryer.

• As a premium, handcrafted product, this is not an inexpensive purchase. But with its high quality, it will probably last you much longer than a cheap, factory-made product.

Holy Lamb Organics Woolly “Down” Eco Wool Pillow

As mentioned previously, the company got its start making pillows. And there’s nothing like a wool pillow on which to rest your head for maximum comfort and support through the night. Consider the Holy Lamb Organics Woolly “Down” Eco Wool Pillow, available in both king and queen sizes along with a 20” x 25” size.


• The eco-wool batting and organic cotton cover are manufactured with the same strict sustainability standards as the rest of the company’s products.
• You can watch this pillow in your washing machine.
• Like a feather pillow, you can reshape the pillow to your needs, which may make it a suitable option for those who suffer from neck or back problems.
• The cover has a zipper, which makes it easy to reach inside to add or remove wool.
• Unlike a feather pillow, this one will not leak its contents gradually. Feathers can push through pillow covers, but that is not the case with tufts of wool.


• It is possible that you will feel that this pillow contains too much wool. But if you find that be the case, you can easily remove some of it. It is certainly better than receiving a pillow without enough stuffing.

Holy Lamb Organics Wool Comforter (Full/Queen Comforter – Perfect Comfort)

If you liked the king-size wool comforter shared before, but prefer a different size, this product is the same, except that it is in a full/queen size. If you prefer, you can also select a twin-size or crib-size on the same product page.


• Like the king-size version, this comforter is made in a GOTS-certified facility, features an organic cotton cover, and contains eco-wool as the filling.
• The hand tufting, 300 thread count, and thoughtful, hand-crafted design ensures quality and comfort through every inch. It is fluffy, breathable and warm.


• This too is a premium product, but the quality you receive makes it an excellent value.

Holy Lamb Organics Wool Mattress Toppers

If you are looking for a more comfortable, supportive night of sleep from your existing mattress, Holy Lamb Organics makes a line of mattress toppers. Sizes include queen, king, California king, full, twin, and twin XL.


• This mattress topper contains the same type of eco-wool filling as the other products we have discussed. The sateen cotton cover is certified organic.
• According to the manufacturer, this product does not provide a habitable environment for dust mites. For those who are allergic to mites, it may be a particularly useful product.
• Holy Lamb Organics Wool Mattress Toppers offer the right balance between softness and firmness, and can provide a comfortable, deep night of sleep even on an imperfect mattress.


• It can be warm sleeping on top of this mattress. In some climates, that could be problematic. Though in others, it could be a major benefit of investing in a premium organic mattress topper like this one.

Conclusion: Rest Comfortably Knowing You Made an Eco-Friendly, Healthy Choice for Yourself and the Planet

You now are familiar with Holy Lamb Organics and its high-quality all-natural merchandise. Whether you are shopping for a wool comforter, wool mattress, organic wool mattress topper, wool down eco pillow, or other healthy, sustainable organic bedding product, you can find what you need in Holy Lamb’s catalog.