Alicia Adams Alpaca Blankets & Throws

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Want to snuggle up into a warm, cozy blanket that is fair-trade and sustainably made? Alicia Adams Alpaca is an eco-friendly company that manufactures a line of blankets, throws, apparel, and other soft alpaca wool products. In this post, we will introduce you to the company, what sets them apart in terms of how they do business, and some top products to consider.

Who Is Alicia Adams?

Alicia Adams Alpaca

As you would guess, Alicia Adams Alpaca is named for its founder, Alicia Adams. Previously from Germany, she relocated to New York with her family. There, her husband began breeding Suri alpacas. She in turn decided to create and sell products using their wool.

The family farm is located in the Hudson Valley, where over 200 alpacas live on 80 beautiful acres of land.

Why Choose Alicia Adams Alpaca?

What we love about this company is not just their wonderful products, but the sustainable process through which they are created. It is a process that honors alpacas and makes use of the work of skilled artisans.

  • Alicia Adams Alpaca is cruelty-free. The company explains, “Alpaca are not harmed when they are periodically shorn to harvest their fiber … We are avid supporters of responsible husbandry and shearing of alpacas, as can be seen in this video. The alpacas are gently restrained so that the coat can be removed without them potentially getting nicked by trimmers …Wild alpaca who aren’t shorn, eventually grow heavy fleece and suffer from skin disease, and often die from infection and stress due to the weight and lack of breathability of a matted coat.”
  • This company works with skilled crafters following fair trade practices, explaining, “All Alicia Adams Alpaca products are manufactured in the United States and in Peru utilizing the incredible handiwork of local artisans who continue the pre-Incan tradition of working alpaca fibers. In an effort to give back to them, Alicia Adams Alpaca actively supports artisan families and their communities.”

When you wrap yourself up in a blanket from Alicia Adams Alpaca, you will feel warm not only from the soft alpaca wool fibers, but also from the knowledge that you are supporting a business that operates ethically.

Our Favorite Alicia Adams Alpaca Products

Now that you know why we recommend Alicia Adams Alpaca. Let’s take a look at some soft alpaca products from this company that you will love.

Field Blanket

Alicia Adams Alpaca Field Blanket

One of the warmest and most versatile products Alicia Adams Alpaca offers is the field blanket. Measuring 51 x 71 inches, this large blanket combines 52% recycled alpaca wool with 33% recycled wool and 15% cotton. It has a rustic look with several stripes of color along the edge and whipstitch trim. Does it look familiar? Maybe that is because you have spotted it on The Today Show.

The company writes that this blanket is “considerably heavier than our traditional alpaca throws.” So, if you like your blankets to have a bit of weight to them for extra warmth and comfort, the Field Blanket is a wonderful choice.

Something else you will like about this product is that it is available in a variety of different color combinations. Whatever décor you need to match, you can find the perfect fit for any room.

Best For: Staying super warm in any environment.

Classic Throw

Alicia Adams Alpaca Throw

Another famous item in Alicia Adams Alpaca’s collection of blankets and throws is the Classic Throw. One of these was gifted to Prince George from the White House, so the throw received quite a bit of publicity.

The design is simple and elegant, with each throw lined with fringes for a decorative touch.

You can choose from more than 90 different colors when you purchase the Classic Throw. So, you can perfectly express your personality and match any hue in your interior.

Best For: Finding the exact right color for your needs.

Everglades Throw

alicia adams throw blanket

If you are looking for a different texture in your alpaca throw, you might consider the Everglades Throw, which features a cable knit. Even with its chunky appearance, however, the throw is relatively light and airy (but plenty warm). It is available in seven different hues.

Best For: Adding textural interest to your interior with a beautiful cable knit look.

Classic Bed Blanket

classic bed blanket

If you have been looking for a way to stay warm in your queen size bed, you cannot beat the Classic Bed Blanket – Queen from Alicia Adams Alpaca. Made of 100% baby alpaca, it is super soft, and available in over 80 colors. You can pick between a solid or herringbone design, and can choose whether you would like fringes or no fringes, making it easy to personalize your look.

Best For: Putting a warm, comfy blanket on top of your queen-size bed.

Border Baby Blanket

alpaca baby blanket

Shopping for a blanket for your baby or the perfect gift for a friend or relative who is expecting? You cannot go wrong with the Border Baby Blanket. Measuring 32 x 50 inches, it is made of 100% baby alpaca for ultimate softness, making it perfect for baby’s sensitive skin.

Just as you can infer from the name, the design of the blanket features a border of one color around a center in a different color. The color combinations are soft, muted hues—just the kind of calming colors you might associate with a baby taking a peaceful nap.

Best For: Giving the perfect gift at a baby shower, or keeping your own child warm and happy.

Alpaca Rib Throws

alicia adams baby alpaca throw

For an alpaca throw with a different texture, you can consider the beautiful Rib Throw. The name comes from the rib knit stitch used to make it. It is ultra-soft, consisting of 100% baby alpaca with alcantara trim (also known as vegan suede). You can purchase it in any of nine different colors with matching or contrasting borders.

The company describes this throw as “weighty.” So, those who like the pressure of a heavier throw will delight in this product. Its extra weight also makes it perfect for the colder seasons.

Best For: Adding the texture of the rib knit stitch to your home.

Aberdeen Throws

alpaca plaid blanket

Those who enjoy the look of plaid will fall in love with the Aberdeen Throw from Alicia Adams Alpaca. This product is made of 100% baby alpaca for extra softness and features a two inch border.

Four different color options are offered: dark grey/charcoal, ivory/orange, velvet green/indigo, and French yellow/teal.

Best for: Bringing the classic look of plaid to your interior.

Sydney Blanket

blanket pom pom

If you are looking for a blanket that you can fit over a queen or king size bed, a particularly elegant option is the Sydney Blanket pom pom. The two-tone blanket is reversible, so you can change the color back and forth as desired. The company describes the weight as “medium,” so a balanced option if you do not like extra heavy blankets or those that are particularly light.

A few different color combinations are offered, most of which feature neutral hues that would be compatible with any interior décor.

The blanket is lined with tassels, giving it a truly distinctive appearance.

Best For: Choose this blanket for your bed if you want a reversible two-tone soft alpaca blanket with tassels.

Dandi Throw

dandi throws

Instead of featuring fringes or tassels, the Dandi Throw by Alicia Adams Alpaca is lined with fluffy pompoms. Needless to say, it is super soft, and you will love the fun texture and appearance. Most of the fifteen different hues available are relatively neutral, but there are a few bright colors as well that you can pick from.

Best For: Anyone who enjoys soft, fluffy pompoms will enjoy the Dandi Throw. We also think it might be an ideal choice for a child’s bedroom.

Casablanca Throw

Do you love the look of blankets from the southwest? If so, you will want to bring home the Casablanca Throw. This 100% baby alpaca blanket features a gorgeous pattern and is lined with fringes. Colorways with both warm and cool tones are offered.

Best For: Choose the Casablanca Throw to capture the look of the southwest in your home.

Striped Travel Set

alpaca sleep mask

Frequent travelers will find their trips are much cozier with the Alicia Adams Alpaca Striped Travel Set. Included in the set are a travel blanket measuring 35 x 50 inches and an eye mask. A range of colorways are available.

Best For: Sleep in luxurious comfort the next time you are on a plane or train with this travel set—or gift it to someone you know who spends a lot of time in transit. It is also great for passengers on road trips.

Seen enough? Get Warm and Cozy With Your Alicia Adams Alpaca Blanket

You have now had a chance to check out some of the alpaca blankets and throws available through Alicia Adams Alpaca. Don’t forget that there is also a selection of apparel in case you are looking for an alpaca scarf, wrap, cape, or accessory.

Are you ready to bring the unparalleled softness and warmth of alpaca to your home or find the perfect gift for someone special?

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