Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Filter System

Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Filter System

Having fresh, clean drinking water is essential. Being connected to your city’s water system doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it’s free of contaminants. A reverse osmosis water filtration system can help ensure that the water from your tap is purified and tastes fresh and crisp.

The Waterdrop reverse osmosis water filter is a DIY-friendly system that makes it easy to enjoy filtered water right from your kitchen faucet.

How Does the Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Work?

Waterdrop uses the power of reverse osmosis to remove contaminants from your water and improve its taste. The water moves through a prefilter before being forced through a semipermeable membrane, which reduces dissolved solids. Before the water reaches the faucet, it goes through one final postfilter.

The system uses several stages of filtration, offers a tankless design and an impressive flow rate.

Waterdrop is powered by electricity, but it isn’t an energy hog. Installation is easy and DIY-friendly, so there’s no need to hire a professional plumber to install (although you can if you want to).

What Contaminants Does Waterdrop Remove?

Waterdrop uses advanced composite filter technology to remove harmful contaminants and other impurities from your water, including:

  • Chlorine
  • TDS
  • Chloramine
  • Turbidity
  • Scale
  • Cadmium
  • Chromium (hexavalent and trivalent)
  • Ferric oxide
  • Cysts
  • Heavy metals, such as copper, lead, mercury, aluminum, radium 226/228 and barium
  • Organic pollutants, such as formaldehyde, asbestos, benzene, PFOA, PFOS, chlordane and trichloromethane
  • Inorganic pollutants, such as arsenic and fluoride

7 Stages of Deep Filtration

With Waterdrop, water goes through a 7-stage deep filtration process before reaching the faucet. Filters include:

  • CF Filter with three stages of filtration: PP cotton, carbon block and an additional PP cotton. The carbon block is made from Sri Lankan coconut shell, which ensures a pure and healthy taste.
  • RO Filter with three stages of filtration through DOW RO membrane.
  • CB Filter with a post-activated carbon block.

The DOW RO membrane is more efficient at removing contaminants due to its higher quality and longer lifespan.

Fast Water Flow – 400GPD

Typical water filtration systems reduce water flow significantly, but Waterdrop offers a fast water flow at 400GPD.

One cup of water fills up in 12 seconds or less. Quicker water flow means that you don’t have to wait for your glass of water.

Smart Monitoring and Alerts

The Waterdrop system offers smart monitoring and alerts to help you maintain the cleanest, freshest water from your tap.

The system offers real-time water quality and filter life monitoring, so you know when it’s time to replace your filters.

The smart faucet that’s included with this system has a light that indicates the filter’s health:

  • Blue means “Perfect”
  • Yellow means “Replace Soon”
  • Red means “Replace Now”

The faucet has a modern design and is made of food-grade copper zinc alloy with a brushed nickel finish. To use the Waterdrop system, you must use their included faucet. If you already have an RO faucet, you may be able to use it, but Waterdrop’s faucet comes with built-in LED indicator lights that work exclusively with their system.

Waterdrop also offers a TDS monitoring panel, so you can view your water quality at a glance.

Tankless Design

Waterdrop’s tankless design helps prevent bacteria growth, so your water tastes fresh. Another great advantage of the tankless design is that it saves space.

The system is just 5.68” wide, which gives you more space underneath your sink. The system itself weighs just 15.44 pounds, with dimensions of 18.1” x 5.7” x 17.8.”

NSF 58 & 372 Certified

The Waterdrop system is NSF 58 & 372 certified, which means that more than 90% of TDS is reduced after flushing and that the system is lead-free for safety.

The system also passed more than 400 chemical lab tests, which proves that it does not contain most chemicals.

The Benefits of Waterdrop Filters and RO System

Why choose Waterdrop filters over other RO systems? Waterdrop offers many benefits that the competition just can’t compete with.

Easy Installation

Waterdrop’s system is easy to install and replace. In fact, it takes just 30 minutes to install the G3 RO system from Waterdrop.

Filters take just seconds to replace. Installation and replacement are tool-free, and you don’t have to move the system.

To use the Waterdrop reverse osmosis system, you must use their included faucet. Depending on your situation, you may need to drill a small hole (about 1”) in your countertop to install the faucet. It’s a quick and simple process that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes if you have a drill.

If you already have an existing hole, you can skip this step and just install your system.

Waterdrop provides detailed instructions for installation as well as YouTube videos to make it as simple as possible to get your system up and running.

Fresh, Clean Water

Reverse osmosis removes virtually all contaminants from your water using a multi-stage filtration system. It goes beyond regular filtered water to provide clean, fresh drinking water right from the tap.

Waterdrop’s system incorporates seven stages of filtration to remove contaminants from water.

Prevents Water Waste

Waterdrop’s RO system helps prevent water waste by up to 300% compared to conventional reverse osmosis systems.

There’s also an overworked reminder. When the system continues to produce water for 30 minutes, the buzzer will go off for three minutes. At this point, the system will stop producing water, and the power indicator and filtering indicator will both power down.

To further help save water, the system will stop producing water if the booster pump frequently stops and starts for 20 minutes.

Automatic Flushing

To maximize the filter’s life expectancy, the system will automatically start the flushing process after working for up to two hours.

Automated flushing helps eliminate clogs, maintain the filter and extend its life.

And if the system hasn’t dispensed any water in 24 hours, it will automatically flush to ensure that you have fresh, clean and filtered drinking water when you return.

Long Filter Lifespan

Waterdrop’s filters have a long lifespan, allowing you to enjoy clean drinking water without having to constantly change filters.

  • CF filter: 6-month lifetime, or 550 gallons
  • CB filter: 1-year lifetime, or 1,100 gallons
  • RO: 2-year lifetime, or 2,200 gallons

The convenient filter life indicators will remind you when it’s time to replace the filters.

It takes just seconds to replace the filters. There’s no need to move the system or even turn off the water.

Who is the Waterdrop RO System For?

The Waterdrop RO filtration system is for everyone. If you have water in your home, then you can benefit from the Waterdrop system.

If you have well water, you may need a pre-filter system to work with the Waterdrop system, as it’s not recommended for well water. Those connected to city water can easily add this system to their home to enjoy fresh, clean drinking water.

No matter the source of your water, you can benefit from a reverse osmosis water filtration system like those offered by Waterdrop.