Ecoflow River Portable Power Stations

Ecoflow River Pro

EcoFlow is a company, developed by DJI engineers, that has one main focus: portable power stations. The company received $4 million in Series A funding, and the funding led to the company being able to launch new products and expand sales internationally.

The company launched its first product River in 2016 after it started an Indiegogo campaign.

The campaign helped the company raise $1 million, and the company’s products can be found everywhere, from the EcoFlow website to Home Depot and even Amazon. The young company made strides in its first few years of operation, and Series A funding came from unconventional sources.

Many in Silicon Valley have not heard of ESID, Delian Capital or Guangzhou Penghui Energy, all companies that decided to help EcoFlow fund their operations.

What many also don’t know is that many of these investors are integrated into the company’s supply chain. EcoGlow gained access to manufacturers and vendors at large companies that will help the company offer quality products with better profit margins.

EF EcoFlow River 412 Review

ecoflow river 412

EcoFlow’s 412 is a portable power generator that offers 500W of power and has a 114,000 mAh capacity. Lightweight and durable, the device comes with an energy bundle that provides a 50W solar panel kit, too.

Widespread power outages, hurricanes, natural disasters – River 412 can help.

The device features:

  • 114,000 mAh capacity
  • 370Wh
  • 1-year charge
  • 500 cycle rating
  • USB Quick Charge ports
  • USB Type-C
  • AC ports
  • DC ports
  • 12V car
  • Power input (car, solar or electrical outlet)

Practical use demands water resistance, and the case is water-resistant. You can use it in locations that are not dry – the Yeti and other devices don’t offer this. You can carry the device when it’s raining, or you can put it on the wet ground. You cannot submerge this power station.

The power station can run in temperatures of –4F to 140F.

Weight is just 11 pounds, so it’s a practical solution for anyone that is in a survival situation. EcoFlow claims that the unit will hold 98% charge for at least a year, so even if you forget to charge the unit, you’ll have stable power ready and waiting when you need it the most.

Using solar power, the bundle that is offered, you can charge the unit in 10 – 15 hours, depending on the current weather.

Smaller than a toaster, the unit comes fully charged and an external power adapter is included. The unit can be plugged into the wall to charge, and it takes about six hours to fully charge. An LED light displays when the unit is fully charged.

High-energy drawing components will bog down performance, so plugging in a coffee maker may not work.

You can plug in your phone and charge it along with other small components, such as a tablet and speaker all charging at the same time.

The unit can charge or power the following devices on one charge:

  • 5 – 9 laptop charges
  • 10+ hours running a mini fridge
  • 30+ phone charges
  • 4 – 8 drone charges
  • 100+ hours of a light
  • 10+ hours of running a projector
  • 80+ times charging a GoPro

A secure carrying case and built-in kickstand allow you to use the portable station anywhere at any time.

If you’re an outdoorsman, the 412 offers you one of the best, portable power stations.

EF EcoFlow River 370 Review

ecoflow river 312

The EF EcoFlow River 370 is similar to the 412, but this model is silent, lightweight and has 370Wh power and 100,000 mAh. This unit comes with nine generator outlets, and there are the following ports:

  • 2 AC
  • 2 Quick Charge USB-C
  • 2 Quick Charge USB
  • 2 USB ports
  • 1 car port

The AC ports offer 300W of output with a 600W surge. USB-C ports offer 60W power from each port, and the quick charge USB ports have 28W of power per port. The standard USB ports have 12W of power each port.

Bidirectional PD input is key to the power station’s quick ability to charge.

Offering breakthrough charging, this unit can charge up to 90% in less than three hours. You can use dual wall chargers or dual solar panels to charge the unit. Charging takes half the time of the 412, but the unit is more expensive.

A single wall charger will charge the entire unit in just six hours. Car charging takes around seven hours.

Smart technology will regulate the charging of the device, and the battery will hold a charge for up to one year.

best portable power station

EcoFlow River 370 comes with an energy bundle that provides 50W solar and a case. The solar charger has a soft exterior shell that is fully padded as well as a kickstand. Place the solar unit on a rock.

Fast charging is the key difference between the 370 and 412.

EcoFlow’s second generation product is multi-functional and can power multiple devices at once. There’s a protective case that will protect the unit from damage from rain, dirt and dust. You can take the unit wherever you go.

Plastic and aluminum alloy are used in the exterior of the power station to ensure that it’s durable.

The unit can power:

  • 10 W phones 37+ times
  • 30 W tablets 12+ times
  • 36 W monitors 10+ times
  • 100-150 W electric drills 3 – 4 times
  • 12 W Wifi router 25 – 31 hours
  • 40W CPAP machine for 9 hours

The River 370 is an updated version of the 412, and with the updated 85W solar panels, you’ll be able to charge the power station faster and more efficiently. The unit is designed to be more efficient than the 412, and with a one-year charge, the 370 provides the power you need when you need it the most.

EcoFlow is quickly growing, creating new, innovative products that are perfect in survival situations. You’ll also find the River Bank, a fast-charging, portable unit from EcoFlow. Small and compact, the unit has a 94 Wh capacity and can charge up to five devices at one time.