Should You Invest in the SimpleHuman Recycler Garbage Can?

If you recycle in your home, you probably have a separate bin to hold all of your recyclables. And you probably waste a lot of space in your kitchen between your trash and recycle bins.

If you have guests over, they may not know where the recycle bin is, so they may toss their bottles or cans in the regular trash.

SimpleHuman’s Recycler Garbage Can aims to change the way you think about your trash and recycling.

Their dual-receptacle is beautiful to look at, but it’s also practical and offers features designed to make your life easier. How? By providing both a trash and a recyclable receptacle in the same trash can.

It saves space. It saves time. And it saves frustration.

What’s Special About the SimpleHuman Recycler Trash Can?

SimpleHuman Recycler Garbage Can For Sale

Offering a stainless steel design, SimpleHuman’s trash can makes it easy to sort recycling and trash. With features like a silent close lid, a non-silver fingerprint-proof coating and a durable stainless steel step pedal, SimpleHuman makes taking out the trash a breeze.

Dual Compartments

The 58-liter Recycler Garbage Can has dual compartments: a blue bin for recyclables and your regular trash bin. The recycle bin has a convenient handle that makes it easy to lift the receptacle out of the can.

Now, there’s never an excuse to throw recyclables in the trash. And the 58-liter size can hold a lot of trash and recyclables.

The recycling side is 24-liters, while the trash side is 34L.

SimpleHuman sells its own trash bags, but you can also use the 13-gallon trash bags you find in the regular grocery store.

Liner Rim and Pocket

There’s also a liner rim that keeps your trash bag in place. When it’s time to change trash bags, the liner rim flips up and stays up, making it easy to add the new bag. Putting the rim back down will hold the trash bag securely in place.

There’s also a liner pocket attached to the back of the can, which allows you to store your bags and pull a new one right through the inside of the bin.

Durable and Beautiful

SimpleHuman Amazon Sale

The durable design also ensures that your trash can lasts for years – decades even. The can’s pedal is engineered to last 150,000 steps, which equates to 20 steps a day for 20 years.

Let’s also talk about the fact that this trash can looks great. The 58-liter option comes in several colors, including: brushed stainless steel, rose gold and black stainless steel. You can choose a color that matches your kitchen décor.

You also have the option of choosing the brushed stainless steel can with a 60-pack of trash bags. That’s enough liners to last at least a few months.

Where are SimpleHuman Products Made?

SimpleHuman designs its products in California, and they’re manufactured in Taiwan.

The company uses only the highest quality materials when producing their products.

Why are SimpleHuman Trash Cans So Expensive?

SimpleHuman’s 58-liter Recycler Garbage Can may have all of the features you want in a trash can, but you might be turned off by the price. It’s true – SimpleHuman products are notoriously expensive. The Recycler Garbage Can is no exception.

But if you really look at what you’re buying – and you read through customer reviews – you’ll find that this trash can is worth every single penny. It’s no wonder people call it the best dual trash recycle can.

For starters, it’s hard to beat the quality of this trash can, and it’s hard to put a price on the convenience it offers.

Take a look at your current trash can. How often do you have to clean it out – or hose it down? And even then, it still looks pretty dirty or grimy.

SimpleHuman’s trash can features a nano-silver fingerprint-proof coating that prevents microbes from reproducing and fingerprints from sticking. This makes it easier to clean your trash can, and helps preserve its shiny, spotless appearance. And because it’s made with stainless-steel, you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion.

The silent closing lid, the durable pedal and the smart liner design also makes your life easier and helps keep your kitchen clean. And if you have pets, the closed lid will keep them out of the trash.

I don’t know about you, but my dogs can be pretty resourceful when it comes to tipping over the trash and having their way with leftovers. The SimpleHuman can stand up to resourceful creatures. It also weighs 21.3 pounds, which makes it a little hard to tip over.

The quality alone is enough to justify buying the Recycler Garbage Can, but there’s another thing that makes this product worth buying: it’s warranty. You’ve probably never had to consider a warranty when buying a trash can. With SimpleHuman, it comes standard.

SimpleHuman Trash Cans Warranty

SimpleHumans stands by its products. That’s why they offer a 10-year warranty on their trash cans. They’re transparent about the terms of their warranty and how it works on their website.

You’re forking over a lot of money for this trash can. The warranty gives you peace of mind that if you receive a defective trash can, it will be repaired or replaced ASAP. SimpleHuman says most repairs are carried out within 10-15 days of the approved request, so you’ll have your trash can back in no time.

Where to Buy SimpleHuman Trash Cans

where to buy simplehuman trash cans

Ready to get your hands on your own SimpleHuman trash can? The Recycler Garbage Can is sold in a few big-box stores, but you can also buy it on Amazon.

Amazon usually has the best price, and if you’re a Prime member, you can enjoy free, 2-day shipping on this product.

It may sound like a silly thing to worry about, but the garbage can in your home has an important job. SimpleHuman’s dual-receptacle solution will save you space, and keep your kitchen looking neat and tidy. But most importantly, it will allow you to sort your trash and recycling in one convenient place.