Are Natural Treatments Like Naturasil Effective for Molluscum?

molluscum contagiosum natural treatments that work

If your child is affected by molluscum, you may be wondering if there are effective natural treatment options available. Naturasil is one of the most popular homeopathic treatments available over-the-counter, but does it actually work?

Let’s take a closer look at all the treatment options for molluscum.

What is Molluscum?

What is Molluscum?

Molluscum is a common viral infection that affects the skin. The virus causes round, firm bumps of varying sizes, with most no bigger than a pencil eraser.

If these bumps are scratched or injured, the virus can spread to nearby patches of skin.

Molluscum can also be transmitted through person-to-person contact or contact with an infected object.

The virus is most common in children, but it can also affect adults, particularly those with weakened immune systems.

Molluscum can take a year to disappear on its own, but there are treatment options available.

Molluscum Contagiosum Natural Treatments

Many parents are concerned about giving their children medications or forcing them to undergo uncomfortable procedures.

Because molluscum affects mostly children, many parents are looking for natural treatments to help alleviate the problem.

Naturasil is the leading manufacturer of natural treatment options for molluscum. Made in the USA, Naturasil is child-safe and contains 100% plant extracts.

Naturasil Topical Homeopathic Medicine

Naturasil is a topical product that helps parents – and adults – treat molluscum from the comfort or home.

The product, which contains 100% natural plant extracts, causes the bumps from the virus to dry up and flake away. This medicine does not use:

  • Acids
  • Harsh medicine
  • Freezing
  • Burning

Naturasil is FDA registered and designed to provide relief from papule symptoms.

The all natural formula includes:

  • Thuja occidentalis: Relieves Polypoi and Naevi symptoms.
  • Cedar leaf: Has potent antibacterial and fungicidal properties.
  • Melaleuca alternifolia leaf: A topical antibacterial and anti-fungal agent.
  • Ricinis communis seed: Penetrates deep into the skin and is commonly used to treat skin disorders.
  • Other essential oils

Naturasil is pain-free and provides targeted relief. Unlike other topical treatments, it won’t dry out the skin.

Backed by Research

Naturasil is backed by more than 15 years of research and has helped more than 15,000 customers. Made in the USA, Naturasil is homeopathic and doctor approved.

Tested for Quality

Naturasil’s ingredients undergo stringent testing to ensure quality. The company sources its essential oils from Canada and Austria.

Easy to Use

It’s so easy to use Naturasil. Just remove the cap, and use the brush applicator to apply the product to affected areas. Be sure to clean the application area thoroughly beforehand.

The product can be applied 2-3 times per day, and can be used until the symptoms disappear.

Money-Back Guarantee

Naturasil is backed by a 33-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t see results, you can return the product for a refund.

What about Medical Options?

Naturasil offers a natural treatment option, but what about conventional medical treatments? Molluscum can also be treated by a doctor. The most common treatments include:


Doctors may use cryotherapy to remove the bumps. A solution of liquid nitrogen is applied to the affected area, “freezing” the bumps off.

Cryotherapy can be painful, so many doctors don’t recommend this treatment.


Doctors can also remove the bumps in a surgical procedure called scraping. Scraping can help the bumps disappear, but the process can be very painful. The procedure isn’t always effective, and the bumps may return.

Even if scraping is successful, the procedure can cause scarring.

Prescription Medications

A doctor can also prescribe topical medication to help remove the bumps. These products often contain salicylic acid, which can irritate and dry out the skin. The medications prescribed by a doctor are much stronger and more potent than the over-the-counter salicylic acid products you find in drug stores.

Other Home Remedies for Molluscum To Consider

At-home remedies won’t necessarily cure molluscum, but they can help alleviate its uncomfortable symptoms, like itching and tingling.

Some of the most effective home remedies include:

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an antiseptic, making it a great remedy for molluscum. This popular essential oil is easy to find in health stores and even some supermarkets.

A study published in the Journal of Drugs Dermatology found that applications of tea tree oil and iodine twice per day significantly reduced molluscum-related lesions. Results were still seen with just the tea tree oil, but the addition of iodine made the treatment more effective.

Because tea tree oil can cause allergic reactions, it’s important to test the solution on a small area of the skin first.

Caution: Tea tree oil should not be ingested!

Colloidal Oatmeal Baths

A popular home remedy for skin conditions, colloidal oatmeal baths can alleviate the itching and discomfort caused by molluscum. Colloidal oatmeal is just finely ground oatmeal that can be added to a warm bath.

The triglycerides in the oatmeal have anti-inflammatory properties and can coat the skin for relief.

You can find colloidal oatmeal in most stores, but you can also make your own by grinding old-fashioned oats in a food processor.

Limit baths to just 10-15 minutes. Longer baths will dry out the skin.

Australian Lemon Myrtle

Australian lemon myrtle has been shown to be an effective treatment for molluscum. A study in the Biomedicine Pharmacotherapy journal found that a 10% solution of Australian lemon myrtle once per day was enough to reduce symptoms by 90%.

You can find Australian lemon myrtle in health food stores.

Coconut Oil

The soothing and anti-bacterial properties of coconut oil make it an effective solution for molluscum. The oil is rich in fatty acids, which keeps the skin moisturized. These same fatty acids also have anti-inflammatory properties.

Applying coconut oil to affected areas can help reduce or even eliminate itching. Look for coconut oil in the cooking aisle. Coconut oil for cooking is less likely to have additional ingredients, like perfumes, that can irritate the skin.

Although molluscum can go away on its own, the healing process can take a long time. In the meantime, your child will be suffering with itching and tingling skin. If scratched or damaged, it will only cause the virus to spread.

These natural treatment options will help give your child some relief, so the condition can heal. Naturasil is one of the most effective options and the easiest to apply.