The Affordable Meal Kit for Families

Meal kits save you time so that you can eat a healthy meal while still spending time with your family.

There’s just one problem: most meal kits are expensive.

Marley Spoon is looking to change that.

The meal kit delivery service now offers a more cost-conscious box designed to help families cook quality meals without breaking the bank. Most of the boxes offered by Marley Spoon and other companies cost $10 per serving. Some families can’t afford to spend that much. In fact, the average family spends about $5 per serving.

Enter Dinnerly.

It works in the same way as Martha & Marley Spoon, but at about half the cost.

  • You choose your delivery day and your recipes.
  • Dinnerly delivers the ingredients in a chilled box.
  • You do the cooking.

Dinnerly manages to offer the same high-quality ingredients you find with Marley Spoon’s other boxes at half the price. They’re able to do this because:

  • They use digital recipe cards instead of paper
  • They use fewer ingredients per dish
  • Packaging is kept simple
  • No fancy marketing campaigns

The cost of each meal is $4.99 per serving.

Some example recipes include:

  • Grilled BBQ-rubbed chicken with roasted red pepper potato salad
  • Mexican beef and corn lasagna with cheddar and scallions
  • Grass-fed sloppy Joe with sweet potato wedges
  • Sweet and sticky cauliflower with scallion edamame rice
  • Black bean burrito bowl with garlic crema and cilantro

These example recipes are all healthy and use simple, inexpensive ingredients in creative ways. The end result? A delicious meal that doesn’t cost a fortune and comes together in 30 minutes or less.

Like other Marley Spoon boxes, you have the option of skipping weeks if you wish. You may not want to cook every week, so the company’s subscription is flexible. You can also adjust the number of portions you want to suit your needs and lifestyle.

In addition to the convenience and quality that Dinnerly offers, their boxes are also recyclable. All of the boxes delivered by Dinnerly are SFI certified, which means that they are made by paper sourced from sustainably-managed forests. When you’re done with your box, you can recycle it in any curbside recycling bin.

Dinnerly boxes also come with ice packs that contain 98% water and 2% super absorbent polymer (SAP), a non-toxic polymer. The bag itself is recyclable, and the contents can be tossed in the trash.

Virtually all components of your box can be recycled.

Dinnerly offers high-quality dinners from an earth-conscious company.