How to Choose the Right Form of CholestOff by Nature Made

NatureMade CholestOff Complete

Nature Made is a leading supplement company and has been for many years now. And when it comes to your heart health, their CholestOff brand of products give you an easy method to add sterols and stanols to help try and lower your daily dietary cholesterol.

Three major types of Nature Made CholestOff are available that allow you to naturally try and get your cholesterol under control.

What is CholestOff?

what is CholestOff
When you take CholestOff, you’ll be taking a natural supplement that can help you get your cholesterol under control. Should you stop taking your cholesterol medications? No.

You’ll want to use this as a supplement to what you’re doing if you’re on medication.

If you’re like many people with high cholesterol, you may not be on medication, but you may need a little extra help lowering your cholesterol. Anyone that falls into this category can benefit from a daily supplement like CholestOff.

It’s a natural supplement that can lower cholesterol levels, allowing you to live a happier, heart-healthy life.

Sterols and stanols are used to help manage your cholesterol.

What are Sterols?

A sterol is a chemical compound found in plants. These compounds are used for lowering cholesterol levels and are most commonly found in nuts, seeds and vegetable oils.

What are Stanols?

Stanols are another plant compound that are found together with sterols. The sterols work together with stanols to help lower cholesterol levels in the body.

NatureMade’s CholestOff is a natural way to consume more sterols and stanols in an effort to naturally fight back against high cholesterol. You’ll find a few additional ingredients in the different forms of CholestOff that can help aid in lower cholesterol and better heart health.

Understanding The Different Types of Nature Made CholestOff

NatureMade continues to advance their CholestOff product with new, more effective formulas.

CholestOff Original

The original version is designed to help lower your levels of LDL cholesterol – the bad cholesterol. You’ll need to take just two capsules per day, and you’ll find this formula in two main size options:

  1. 60 count
  2. 120 count

Every serving contains the following:

  • 260mg calcium
  • 15mg sodium

There is also 1,800 mg of plant sterols and stanols included in the formula. You can be confident that when you take each supplement, you’ll be taking a supplement that contains no:

  • Artificial flavors
  • Preservatives
  • Gluten
  • Synthetic dyes

The Original blend has sterols and stanols that are free form

CholestOff Plus

CholestOff Plus

The Plus formula is an enhanced formula that’s designed to help fight back against high cholesterol. You’ll find that this blend seems exactly the same as the Original, but this is not the case.

Instead, this product has esterified sterols and stanols that are clinically proven to lower cholesterol levels.

You’ll also be happy to note that the Plus has been:

  • Clinically studied by NatureMade
  • Works well when following a low fat and low cholesterol diet

If you follow the recommendations from CholestOff, you’ll be able to reduce your LDL cholesterol.

CholestOff Complete

The Complete version uses the same esterified Reducol as the Plus version. All of the trials that the company has conducted confirms the efficacy of taking Complete. You’ll notice that only 120 capsule counts are available, so there’s a 20-day supply worth of supplements available.

But the Complete’s power comes from multiple ingredients and not just sterols and stanols.

Additional ingredients:

  • 600 mg pantethine

Pantethine is actually vitamin B5, which has also been shown to reduce LDL in the liver. Your liver plays a vital role in your body’s cholesterol. The liver actually produces and clears cholesterol, but when you have too high of cholesterol, the liver will have to work harder to control your cholesterol levels.

Pantethine works to break down this excess cholesterol helping to alleviate some of the stress that your liver may be under. The ingredient also reduces the production of cholesterol in the liver for an added benefit.

Notes Before Taking

A few things that you’ll want to remember is that you shouldn’t take this supplement under the following conditions:

  • You’re pregnant
  • You’re nursing
  • You’re taking medication

If you are taking medication(s), consult with your doctor to determine if CholestOff is a good option for you. When you take this supplement with certain prescriptions, you risk:

  • Reduction in drug or supplement absorption
  • Impaired drug absorption
  • Impaired supplement absorption

Reducol, a proprietary blend of sterols and stanols, is found in each of the supplements listed. The NCEP recommends, for cholesterol reduction, that you take 400mg or more, twice per day, to reduce your risk of heart disease.

A diet that is low in cholesterol and saturated fat is also recommended.

How Does CholestOff Work?

When you take your supplement, and you’ll be taking it twice daily with a meal, it will start to improve your cholesterol levels. The stanol and sterol will effectively compete with the cholesterol in the body that is trying to mix with the micelles in your intestines.

This competition leads to less cholesterol entering the bloodstream.

Since you have less cholesterol in your blood, your heart health will improve and there will be less dietary cholesterol entering your circulation.

The average American consumes just 200mg of sterols and stanols per day, so each supplement provides the additional 1,800mg missing from your daily diet.

What is the Best Natural Cholesterol Lowering Supplement?

We hope we’ve made the answer clear by this point.  Nature Made CholestOff’s Complete Version is your best bet for helping you reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in your body. While you can benefit from this supplement, you’ll need to take it over the long-term to fully get your cholesterol under control.

The Complete supplement offers the vitamin B5 and 1,800 mg of sterols and stanols your body need to begin reducing your cholesterol.

When you take the Complete version, you’ll help reduce the absorption of LDL into the bloodstream while also help reduce the liver’s production of LDL. Offering dual protection against LDL cholesterol, you’ll be able to better maintain cholesterol levels while, hopefully, maintaining a strict diet to further reduce cholesterol levels.

In as little as three months, most people will notice a reduction in cholesterol. One user had their LDL levels from 177 to 126 in just three months.