Are AeroGarden Seed Pods Organic?

AeroGarden Seed Pods For Sale

AeroGarden is the best indoor garden system for anyone who wants an easy way to get started with hydroponics. One of the best things about this indoor gardening system is that you can grow just about anything.

But are AeroGarden seed pods organic? Are they GMO?

Are AeroGarden Pods Organic?

are aerogarden seed pods organic?

They can be. The beauty of the AeroGarden system is that you have so many options. You can buy pre-seeded pods, or you can buy Grow Anything kits that allow you to use your own seeds.

Grow Anything Kits Allow You to Grow Organic Plants

The Grow Anything pods allow you to grow organic plants because you get to use your own seeds. This means that you can plant your favorite organic seeds from your preferred supplier.

When you grow plants with the AeroGarden, you won’t be using any pesticides or harsh fertilizers. Grow Anything kits come with a bottle of plant food, but you can also use your own liquid nutrient mixture if you like.

The plant nutrients from AeroGarden do not contain any herbicides or pesticides. They’re simply made from mineral salts that provide your plants with vital nutrients, such as calcium, iron, magnesium and other vitamins.

AeroGarden Pods

The Grow Anything kits come with everything you need to get started with growing from your own organic seeds, including:

  • Grow sponges
  • Grow baskets
  • Grow domes
  • Pod labels
  • 3-oz. bottle of liquid nutrients

There are five sizes available: 3-pod, 6-pod, 7-pod, 9-pod and 12-pod. On AeroGarden’s official website, you can buy larger packs if you have the Farm series or just want to stock up. They sell packs of 25 pods and 50 pods. Each of these bigger kits come with multiple bottles of liquid nutrients.

One important thing to point out is that there is no germination guarantee with the Grow Anything kit because you aren’t using AeroGarden’s pods. As long as you treat your plants right, you shouldn’t have a problem growing from your own organic seeds.

But if you do have issues getting your own seeds to germinate, you can always contact AeroGarden for troubleshooting advice.

Pre-Seeded Pods are Non-GMO

If you don’t want to plant your own seeds, you can buy pre-seeded pods. While these seeds aren’t explicitly organic, they are non-GMO. AeroGarden says that they source their seeds from vendors all over the world and choose organic sources whenever possible. Many of the pods contain heirloom seeds, which have been passed down for generations.

Heirloom seeds may be organic, but they are always non-GMO. One of the main advantages of heirlooms is that they offer a richer, more exceptional taste.

AeroGarden offers a huge range of seed kits, but you can also build your own custom kits for herbs, flowers, salad greens, and tomatoes and peppers. With custom kits, you can choose your own blend of pods.

Although the pre-seeded pods aren’t technically organic, they are still non-GMO and your plants will be grown without pesticides.

No matter which route you take, you’re going to wind up with homegrown, nutrient-rich and delicious foods when you grow plants in the AeroGarden.

Where to Buy AeroGarden Seed Pods

The best place to buy AeroGarden seed pods is from Amazon. You get free, fast shipping and responsive customer support. Unfortunately, that’s not something you always get when you buy from the AeroGarden website.

You can buy the Grow Anything kits or pre-seeded kits from Amazon, which will allow you to start growing organic plants in your AeroGarden system.

AeroGarden seed pods can be organic if you choose the Grow Anything pods and plant organic seeds. But even if you choose pre-seeded pods, you can rest assured that your plants will be non-GMO and that many of AeroGarden’s seeds do come from organic sources.