Vimergy Barley Grass Juice Powder

Move over wheatgrass – there’s a new grass in town: barley.

Yes, the same plant that’s used to brew beer can actually benefit your health in many ways. In fact, we’ve been using barley grass for food and medicinal purposes since 7000 BC. In ancient times, the grass was used to treat skin inflammation, blood issues and liver problems.

Rumor has it that ancient gladiators used barley grass to boost their endurance and strength.  Could it have the same benefits for you?

When to Drink Barley Grass

Barley grass juice powder makes it easy to get your daily dose of this health-promoting plant. But when should you drink it?

Feel free to drink the juice any time of day. But many people find drinking it first thing in the morning provides the most benefits. Add some protein or fresh fruit juice to give yourself a caffeine-free boost before you walk out of the door.

What is Our Favorite Brand?

Vimergy Barley Grass Juice Powder

There are a lot of barley grass supplements on the market, and we have tried 4 this year and our favorite comes from a company called Vimergy.

Vimergy’s barley grass supplement is a 23-to-1 concentrated extract of fresh-pressed organic barley grass juice with zero additives or fillers.

We like it because it’s:

  • USDA Organic
  • Gluten-free
  • Kosher
  • Grown in the U.S.

Unlike the barley grain, barley grass does not contain any gluten. And there are no other ingredients in this supplement – just 100% organic barley grass juice powder.

Just mix 1 tsp in water, a smoothie or a glass of juice and enjoy once or twice per day.

Each package contains 63 servings, so it will easily last you 1-2 months.

Vimergy gets excellent reviews from just about everyone. Sure, the taste is on the earthy, “grassy” side, but that is nothing to new to you if you are into organics. The powder form makes it easy to blend into smoothies and juices to tone down the flavor.

We like that Vimergy’s serving sizes are smaller, and that one package can last more than a month if you drink one glass per day.

That makes this supplement more economical and practical than many other competing brands on the market.

Where to Buy Vimergy

So, where can you get Vimergy barley grass juice powder? Amazon.

When you order through Amazon, you know that you’re getting a genuine product, and shipping is faster than with other online stores.

Barley grass powder is simple, affordable way to supply your body with vital nutrients that it needs to thrive. All it takes is just one teaspoon a day to start feeling more energetic and healthier.