Trees 101 Guide

Trees 101

 Trees Pay Us Back

USDA Forest Service’s Center for Urban Forest Research shows that … It pays to care for trees.

Landscape trees provide benefits that far exceed the costs of planting and care over their lifetime. Properly cared for, they are valuable growing assets worth three times the investment.

As a demonstration, the i-Tree project, base data were collected in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and a cost benefits analysis was completed for community street trees.

The study found that:

+ One healthy street tree in its 20th year after planting provided $96 in benefits annually versus the $36 annual cost to maintain it. That is a net benefit of $60 each year.

+ One hundred healthy street trees provide a net benefit of $232,000 over a 40 year period.

+ One hundred healthy yard trees provided $272,000 in net benefits over a 40 year period.

+ One hundred trees removed 53 tons of carbon dioxide per year and 430 pounds of other air pollutants per year.

+ One hundred mature trees intercepted about 139,000 gallons of rainwater per year that would have become stormwater that pollutes and erodes our streams.