The Green Sunshine Company 

The Green Sunshine Company

The Green Sunshine Company aims to help you take your garden to the next level. A focus is put on your garden’s yields – you deserve the best plant growth possible. Powerful spectrums allow for faster, larger plant growth for:

  • Superior canopy penetration
  • Plant development
  • Growth speed

Dan, the owner of the company, puts his expertise, time and patience into product design to ensure that the products that The Green Sunshine Company offers fill in the market gap left by other similar brands in the industry.

How Green Sunshine is Different Than the Competition

Green Sunshine knows that consumers need a way to accelerate harvests and grow plants faster than in the past. The problem in the industry is that large-scale manufacturers don’t use the wideband spectrum to maximize the growth process.

Faster, bigger yields are achievable with the right grow lights.

Switching to Green Sunshine lights enhances growth, providing yields that have rapid growth due to superior canopy penetration. The growth response is due to near IR light that is able to penetrate deeper into the ground.

Through research and development, Green Sunshine has been able to reshape the industry with their Electric Sky Grow Lights.

Finding the “Lighting Sweet Spot”

Green Sunshine helps growers find the lighting sweet spot that competing products miss. You can grow more and save more with the right products. The Electric Sky light hovers over your plants to offer key benefits that are unachievable with competing products.

Benefits include:

  • Edge-to-edge performance to provide 100% light coverage over your garden to eliminate uneven development, reduce light burn and also reduce heat burn.
  • Reduce energy costs with superior powering and cooling technology. Expenditures can be reduced by as much as 50% compared to HPS, MH and T5 systems that are highly inefficient.
  • Dependable performance is also offered with a reduction in bulb replacement. You can depend on bulbs to last for a decade of growing without having to worry about steep maintenance costs.

The Green Sunshine lighting systems are further backed by:

  • 3-year warranty that allows consumers to safeguard their investment and ensure that the company will assist them if there are any issues in the first 36 months of ownership.
  • Money back guarantee for a 100% refund if you don’t find Green Sunshine products are up to your standards.

Green Sunshine shines an entirely new light on your plants with a near-white spectrum that allows for the plant’s true color to be shown. If you need to swap out parts or upgrade your lights, you can, which allows you to expand your system’s functionality and features.

Lighting systems are also free of harmful UVB rays.

Electric Sky Grow Lights use what is known as linear lenses. The lenses are designed to mimic the sun’s output. The LED systems that are sold in stores or online often leave out important spectrum lights.

Instead, Green Sunshine tries its best to mimic a mini version of the sun to provide as much growth as you would expect from the outdoors without the risk of pests or slowed growth.

The linear lenses feature dual-way technology that expands the light out from the bulbs and down to cover the plant. Sweet spot intensity is harnessed, allowing for faster, more reliable growth.

GS1 spectrum lighting is provided, and this is a proprietary design that means you won’t be able to find the same lighting systems anywhere else.

White and purple LED light is enhanced, with the system providing a strong combining effect that enables fast, dependable growth.

Yield after yield, Green Sunshine systems can provide you with faster plant growth and larger yields. When it comes to indoor lighting systems, the Green Sunshine company is among the leading innovators in the market.