The Armoire Grow Box Green Goddess Supply

The Armoire Grow Cabinet by Green Goddess Supply

So, you want to grow weed at home, but you don’t want the whole neighborhood to know about it? There’s a grow cabinet for that and it goes above and beyond.

The Armoire by Green Goddess Supply is an ultra-discreet, easy-to-use grow box system that produces high yields in as little as 60 days.

Just plug it in, plant, water and start growing.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Think again!

Let’s take a closer look at how this system works and why we think it’s the best option for newbies.

What is The Armoire Green Goddess Grow Box?

The Armoire is a medical marijuana grow box from Green Goddess Supply. It’s discreet, easy to use and produces high yields. It looks just like an ordinary piece of furniture, so no one will know that you’re growing weed in your living room (or wherever).

Inside of The Armoire is where the magic happens. Here’s where you’ll find:

  • A 12-spectrum grow light
  • Air circulating fans
  • Digital temperature, moisture and humidity meter

Together, these three key elements create the perfect growing environment. Best of all, it only requires minimal attention from you. Most importantly, the built-in quiet filtration system eliminates odors.

If you have two minutes per day, you can grow up to 3-5 oz. of flower in 60 days.

Green Goddess Supply
Barnwood edition

The Armoire is the result of five years of prototyping with Green Goddess Supply. It’s unlike any other grow system out there, and it’s so easy to use, even beginners won’t have a problem going from seed to harvest.

Plus, because you’re growing indoors, your plants can grow 100% naturally. There’s no need for pesticides or herbicides. It creates the perfect environment for your medicine with minimal maintenance.

If you want to grow your own weed at home, a cannabis grow cabinet is your best option. The Armoire just simplifies the process, so even newbies can succeed with any quality cannabis seeds.

How Does The Armoire Grow Cabinet Work?

Real Results From The Armoire Grow Cabinet

The Armoire is designed to look like a typical wooden piece of furniture, but inside is a complete growing system that will take you from seed to harvest. It will even take care of the drying for you.

Here’s how it works:

  • The LED grow lights mimic the sun to give your plants the light they need to grow and thrive. These high PAR grow lights don’t put out a lot of heat, and their proprietary design helps deter pests and inhibit mold. They help plants grow and thrive naturally without the use of herbicides or pesticides.
  • A monitoring system keeps track of the indoor environment (humidity, moisture and temperature), so you never under- or over-water your plants.
  • A waterproof Wi-Fi camera allows you to check up on your plants anytime.

Because this is a closed grow system, you don’t have to deal with many of the problems outdoor growers have to contend with, like:

  • Mold
  • Pests
  • Watering issues

As long as you follow the system’s instructions, you should easily be able to grow your own cannabis right in your own living room.

This Cannabis Growing Wardrobe Is Loaded With Features

The Armoire comes loaded with other helpful features and benefits, like:

  • A smell scrubber
  • Quiet operation
  • Concierge support (more on that soon)
  • Low energy use
  • Professional help
  • Childproof magnetic lock
  • Waterproof Wi-Fi camera

When you want to show off your plant, all you have to do is remove the handled cover. Or keep the cover on for those moments where discretion is of the utmost importance.

And if you have kids – or kids visiting – the childproof magnetic lock ensures that no little hands can get inside.

The Wi-Fi camera allows you to check up on your plant anytime, anywhere. If you have guests over and want to check on plants, you can do so without having to remove the cover. The camera is also a great way to keep an eye on things if you’re away for a day or two.

Wait – How Does it Stop the Smell?

The Armoire’s smell scrubber system takes its discreet growing approach one step further. This unique system uses Australian activated carbon to absorb and eliminate smells.

Activated carbon is commonly used for purifying gases and liquids, so it easily absorbs the scent of your plants.

There’s also an ultra-quiet filtration system to remove any last trace of smell.

The Armoire Grow Cabinet Technical Specs

the armoire grow box sale
  • Dimensions: 25” W x 50” H x 25” D
  • Weight: 40 lbs.
  • Energy Use: 150w
  • Grow Lights: 12 spectrum, high PAR LED w/built-in timer
  • Monitoring: Digital hygrometer, four temperature regulating fans, exhaust fan, filtration system, waterproof Wi-Fi camera
  • Growing Accessories: large saucer pan, grow bag, 4 bamboo stakes, soil moisture meter
  • Security” Childproof magnetic lock

Why The Armoire is the Best Grow Box for Beginners

Green Goddess Supply Stealth Grow Box
Our favorite stealth grow box for medical cannabis patients

#1 – There’s No Guesswork

The Armoire makes growing weed in a wardrobe cabinet as easy as possible. There’s no guesswork because the system tells you everything you need to know, like when to water and whether the humidity is too high or low. Most DIY grow kits end up with less than desirable results. The Armoire has a time tested grow protocol that makes growing cannabis as simple as possible. In little as 60 days you can grow your own quarter pound of medical-grade weed.

Grow lights provide all the light your plants need, and the indoor closed system eliminates pests.

#2 – It’s Low Maintenance

The Armoirepromotes itself as offering “impressive yields with minimal maintenance.” And the low maintenance design makes using growing as simple and easy as possible. You don’t have time to be an herbalist. All you need is a few minutes a day.

What do you have to do maintenance-wise?

That’s the great thing. The Armoire was built from the ground up to leverage technology to make it as easy as possible to begin growing your own weed.

Maintenance involves:

  • Two minutes of care daily – seriously
  • Adding water to the unit when necessary (moisture meter helps)
  • Rotating the plant half a turn occasionally if it begins growing outside of the light
  • Low-stress training (it’s explained in the manual)
  • Larger leaves need daily tucking to allow for light to reach as many buds as possible

You, theoretically, don’t need to add more nutrients to the soil because the soil is filled with nutrients that should last the full 60 days. But nature isn’t 100% predictable, so you may need to add more nutrients on some grows.

Growing herb has never been this easy. The system is so simple that virtually anyone can grow the highest possible yield all year long.

Having issues while growing and don’t know what to do?

Forget about forums or asking people on Reddit for advice. There’s an entire concierge service provided to you as an owner.

#3 – There’s a Free Concierge Service

Don’t know what the heck you’re doing? It happens. While The Armoire is easy to use, the manufacturer knows that some users need a little extra guidance. You don’t need to sit on a customer service line to have an agent read a script to you that doesn’t solve your problem.

Nope. You deserve better.

When you purchase The Armoire (click here to buy it today), you get 90 days of complimentary concierge service. During your first grow, a professional grow team is available to:

  • Walk you through the grow process
  • Help you troubleshoot issues you’re having

There’s even a low stress training session where you can make a Zoom or FaceTime call with the team to help train you on this more intense method of growing.

What other company offers this level of quality? Very few.

If you want, you can also purchase an additional year of the concierge service one year at a time. There’s no pressure to order or extend the service if you don’t want to. But if you’re experimenting with different seeds and think you may need help, the service is priceless.

#4 – Grow in Any Season

You want bud all year long? You can have it. There’s no growing season when you have The Armoire by your side. Grow how you want, when you want. It’s really that simple.

As long as you have electric and water, growing is possible.

You can grow any season, offering the following annual yields:

  • 5 grows per year
  • Grows of 60 to 70 days
  • Three days to dry the herb in the cabinet

If you’re really aggressive and go back-to-back with no time in between grows, you can grow as many as six times per year. In most cases, you can grow at least five yields per year and may even be lucky enough to be a few weeks into a grow when the year flips over.

Have kids and concerned that they may get into your grow? Don’t be. There’s a magnetic lock that is child-proof to eliminate the risk of your child getting into your stash.

Teens are free game though.

#5 – Easy to Move

The Armoire sounds heavy, right? You would be wrong. The unit weighs just 40 pounds, so it’s light enough for most people to pick up and move around.

And the compact design makes it less awkward to move than what most people expect.

Note: The accessories are not included in the overall weight, so the unit will be slightly heavier than 40 pounds if you use accessories.

#6 – It Comes Mostly Pre-Assembled

Worried about assembly? We don’t blame you.

Every time we have to assemble something, it turns out to take so much longer than we expect. But you’ll be happy to know that The Armoire comes mostly pre-assembled.

The cabinet needs to be airtight to offer the best grow possible, so the manufacturer sends the main cabinet pre-assembled.

But you will need to install the accessories:

  • Hanging the light
  • Attaching the fan to the bracket (it’s in place)
  • Screwing on the feet
  • Attaching the door handles
  • Setting up the timer

You can go from unboxing to being up and running in 15 to 30 minutes. The only thing you’ll need is a Phillips screwdriver.

Assembly is a no-fuss, newbie friendly process.

You can also go through the video demonstrations, which have further information on getting started with The Armoire. There’s also a quick start guide with a video tutorial that will help you get started with your first grow ASAP.

If you’re tired of spending money on weed and want to grow your own from the comfort of your home, The Armoire is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Click here to start growing your own medical weed right in your living room.