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SuperCloset is the world leader in Automated Superponic Grow Systems and Grow Boxes. Offering some of the best grow cabinets in the industry, SuperCloset has won several awards for their innovative designs. They offer a convenient and effective system for stealth growing and are constantly researching new ways to improve their successful system.

In the complex world of indoor hydroponics, SuperCloset is a world leader and the only business in the industry to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

What are Smart Grow Boxes?
supercloset grow box

Smart grow boxes are exactly what they sound like: indoor hydroponic grow systems that are internet-connected. SuperCloset’s systems make it so easy to get your plants stared and flourishing.

App Integration

App integration is the key. The app allows you to control the light timer and water schedule for the system. The app also allows you to seamlessly transition between different stages of growth right from your smartphone or other mobile device.

Many of SuperCloset’s systems come with a GrowCam that’s Wi-Fi enabled.

This allows you to check on your plants from anywhere and at any time.

Multiple SuperCloset Grow Boxes to Choose From

SuperCloset has several different grow boxes, including:

SuperStar Smart Grow Box

SuperStar Smart Grow Box
24” W x 24” D x 60” H

SuperCloset’s #1 best-seller.

  • Dual growing chambers
  • 24” W x 24” D x 60” H
  • Room for up to 16 plants w/dual Superponics 8

SuperBox CFL

SuperBox CFL
18” W x 24” D x 30” H
  • Small size, but high performance
  • 18” W x 24” D x 30” H
  • Fits just about anywhere
  • Provides easy access to plants

SuperNova Flower

SuperNova Flower
46” W x 24” D x 78” H
  • A massive growing chamber allowing plants to reach tall heights
  • 46” W x 24” D x 78” H
  • Grow up to 12 plants


46” W x 24” D x 78” H
  • 46” W x 24” D x 78” H
  • Dual growing chambers for perpetual harvests
  • Grow up to 12 large plants
  • Enough room for 50 seedlings or clones
  • Seedling tray w/dome
  • Ability to lock the cabinet for secure growing


Deluxe Smart Grow Closet
36” W x 24” D x 72” H
  • 36” W x 24” D x 72” H
  • Grow up to 16 plants w/hydroponics and 6 in massive soil pots
  • Space for 50 clones


SuperFlower grow box
36” W x 24” D x 72” H
  • 36” W x 24” D x 72” H
  • Grow up to 16 plants w/hydroponics or 6 plants in 5-gallon soil pots


72” W x 24” D x 72” H
  • 72” W x 24” D x 72” H
  • Three growing chambers for perpetual harvests
  • Grow up to 32 plants w/hydroponics or 12, 5-gallon soil pots


92” W x 24” D x 78” H
  • The largest grow cabinet available.
  • 92” W x 24” D x 78” H
  • Three growing chambers for perpetual harvests
  • Grow up to 24 XL plants w/hydroponics or 16, 5-gallon soil pots

What’s Included?

We’ve talked about the different grow systems available, but what’s included with your grow cabinets?

Standard components include:

For Hydroponic Systems
hydroponics stealth grow box

16 Plant SuperPonics System

Uses a combination of Deep Water Culture and an automated top feed system. SuperPonics leverages a variety of proven hydroponics methods to deliver higher yields and better quality growth.

The system is:

  • Completely automated
  • Easy to use
  • Grows plants 2-5 times faster and bigger than traditional hydroponic methods

4- Port Air Pump

The quiet and durable air pump delivers oxygen to the hydroponic system without the use of oil.

SuperCloner 50

Provides new plants with everything they need. The Deep Water Culture system encourages quick root development, allowing you to germinate, clone and grow up to 50 plants to transplanting condition.

185 GPH Water Pump

SuperCloset’s 185 GPH water pump is the backbone of the hydroponic system. It has an oil-free high magnetic rotor, bearing and ceramic shaft for quiet operation.

Grow Rocks

Helps create a more solid and stable foundation for plant roots. This allows plants to grow bigger, thicker and stronger.

For Soil Systems
Soil stealth grow box for sale

Soil Pots

The soil system includes heavy-duty soil pots with a reinforced rim, making it easy to pick up and carry heavy plants. These pots have side and bottom drainage to keep plants healthy and allow for robust root development.

Band Moisture Meter

Accurately measures soil water content at all levels in the pot – no batteries required.

Kind LED Lights
kind led xl1000

Kind LED lights are the preferred choice for SuperCloset growing systems. These light systems offer:

  • 12 band complete spectrum of lights powered by 3-watt diodes
  • 700 mA driving current for improved diode efficiency and output, allowing for brighter, higher yields
  • An additional optical lens intensifies PAR and improves canopy penetration by up to 200%
  • Quiet fans and large heat sinks
  • Better energy efficiency (uses half the electricity of HPS lights)

Wi-Fi GrowCam

A high-quality, Wi-Fi enabled camera that allows you to check on your growth anytime you want from your smartphone or tablet. The camera includes night vision, live feed options and a time-lapse to keep an eye on your plants.

Fluorescent Lighting

Two 24W high output fluorescent strip lights are included with cabinet grow systems. These lights are ideal for early stages of growth.

T-5 Side Lighting

Provides cool spectrum lighting to counter the heat from the warm spectrum light. The cool lighting complements other lights in the cabinet to improve under canopy production.

Trellis System

The trellising system improves yields by up to 30% and helps maximize plant quality. Partition, train and support your plants to develop an equally distributed canopy for better light distribution.

Carbon Filters

Specially designed filters eliminate odors from inside the growth cabinet, allowing for stealth growth. The filters last up to two years before needing to be replaced.

Adjustable Circulation Fan

Powerful fan allows for improved airflow inside of the cabinets. It’s easy to adjust the tilt angle and height of the fan for a gentle breeze that keeps plants healthy.

Digital Thermometer

A helpful tool that ensures you’re providing your plants with an ideal environment. The thermometer measures indoor and outdoor temperatures as well as indoor humidity. It also comes with a waterproof temperature probe.

Smart Timers (App Controlled)

Connects to the SuperCloset app, allowing you to control your timers through your smartphone or tablet. Adjust your grow light schedule from anywhere.

TDS Meter

The Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Meter ensures that your plants have all of the appropriate nutrients and that your water source is suitable for your plants.

pH Control Kit

Helps you maintain appropriate pH levels for your plants. This kit includes 8 oz. of pH Down, 8 oz. of pH Up, vial and 1 oz. indicator.

Rock Wool Cubes

Made of spun granite, rock wool cubes wick moisture and provide something for roots to latch onto.

GFCI Shock Buster

The GFCI plug adapter eliminates electric malfunctions that may occur due to close proximity to water.

Plant Nutrients Starter Kit

Simplifies the nutrient process with a 3-part nutrient line that replaces the more complicated 8-10 part recipes. The starter kit provides plants with everything they need to grow from seed to harvest.

Why Choose a SuperCloset Stealth Grow Box?
Supercloset grow room kit with gorilla grow tent

Hydroponic growing systems aren’t a new concept. What makes SuperCloset stand out from the crowd? Why choose their growth cabinets over competitors?

First, they make a variety of different stealth kits for any size application.   From grow boxes, to large cabinets to complete rooms.  All feature the same build quality, parts and turn-key setup.

#1 – Easy to Use

Whether you’re just getting started or an experienced veteran, SuperCloset’s growth boxes are easy to use.

All systems come with everything you need to start growing right out of the box. Just plug it in and add water.  It truly is an all-in-one solution to growing.

#2 – Bigger Systems for Bigger Yields

Most of SuperCloset’s systems are bigger than the competition: 24” deep vs. 18” deep. That extra space provides an additional 9 cubic feet of growing space, and it also allows for better airflow. The improved airflow delivers a bigger, faster and better growth rate while eliminating the risk of mold and mildew (a common problem with other systems).

#3 – Energy Efficiency

SuperCloset’s hydroponic grow locker kits help you grow more while consuming less energy. In fact, their systems use 12% less energy with fewer power surges. SuperCloset is able to achieve this because of the special digital ballasts in their systems.

#4 – Smart Features

SuperCloset’s indoor growing systems are built smarter.

  • Compared to the competition, their grow boxes have better lights: LEDs, full spectrum or fluorescent bulbs.
  • An internal circulation fan gives you even more control over airflow for better growth and yields.
  • The included net trellis allows you to tie down and support your plants.

#5 – Optional Enhancements for Maximum Results

SuperCloset offers several optional enhancements to maximize your results. These extras include:

Super CO2 Kit

CO2 plays an essential role in photosynthesis. The Super CO2 kit includes a regulator, solenoid, injection tubing and timer. Incorporating CO2 into your growth setup will help produce bigger plants with full flowers and fruits. Yields can increase by up to 30% with this system.

Germination Package

A kit that includes everything you need to maximize the chances of having all seeds reach adolescence. This package includes a seedling tray, seedling heat mat, humidity dome, rock wool cube and heat mat thermostat.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

A powerful filter that produces up to 300 GPD of low PPM water. The filter removes more than 98% of contaminants and chlorine while wasting 50% less water than other RO systems.

BlueLab Guardian Monitor

A helpful all-around meter that measures three important components of growth: total conductivity, pH and temperature.

What are People Saying About SuperCloset?

SuperCloset has won the Gear of the Year award 13 times.

The company has a reputation for offering top-quality products, and they also have excellent customer support to help ensure you reach your growth goals. They also have in-depth video tutorials so that you can learn how to assemble and use your system.

Users love SuperCloset’s systems and the customer support they receive. Many people have been using their systems for years with great success. Here’s what some users are saying about SuperCloset:

  • It is hands down my favorite possession.
  • These videos are simply amazing.
  • I am on my 6th season and the super closet is just a dream.

If you’re looking for an easy, effective way to grow indoors, SuperCloset’s grow cabinets may just be the right fit for you.

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