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We all know that tea has undisputed health benefits. We also know that brewing tea can be a complicated thing. Do it the right way and you’ll maximize the tea’s benefits. Do it the wrong way and you’ll destroy most of the tea’s beneficial compounds.

Pique Tea Crystals is an innovative tea product that takes the guesswork out of brewing. They cold brew their tea until it’s crystallized, making it easy to dissolve in water.

What are Pique Tea Crystals?

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Pique Tea Crystals are designed to maximize the health benefits of tea. In fact, Pique’s teas deliver the ultimate concentration of polyphenols.

How do they achieve this?

The secret is in the brewing process. Pique cold brews USDA certified organic tea at a low temperature for up to eight hours to extract every last drop of the tea’s beneficial compounds.

Pique’s cold brew crystallization method preserves up to 12x the nutrient content compared to other teas. Their teas also have a higher concentration of antioxidants – and these results are verified through third-party testing.

Pique Tea Crystals instantly dissolve in hot water. Some flavors instantly dissolve in cold water, too.

Why is Pique Considered the Best Tea for Health?

What makes Pique Tea Crystals different from other organic tea brands?

Premium Ingredients

Pique sources their organic teas and herbs from farms all over the world that are family-owned and operated. Some of their black teas are sourced from Uva, Sri Lanka and their green teas from Mogan National Park in China.

Pique uses teas from some of the best tea gardens in the world.

All of the brand’s teas are:

  • Organic
  • Keto Certified
  • Certified Paleo
  • Sugar-free
  • Loose-leaf grade

Maximum Phytonutrients

Pique’s unique brewing process creates a high concentration of polyphenols. Maximizing phytonutrients allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of Pique’s tea.

Cold Crystallization Process

Brewing teas at a low temperature for an extended period of time allows for a gentle – but thorough – extraction of the tea’s antioxidants and phytonutrients. All of these beneficial compounds are preserved thanks to the cool brewing temperatures.

Triple Toxin Screening

Pique uses organic teas and herbs, which virtually eliminates pesticides and other toxins. But the company still performs a triple toxin screening for dangerous and common toxins, like heavy metals, pesticides and toxic mold.

Easy and Convenient

Pique’s Tea Crystals come in single-use sticks, which make it easy to blend into water and get on with your day. You don’t have to worry about measuring. Pique takes care of that for you.

Pique Tea Products

Pique Gut Health Teas

Pique’s gut health teas are rich in polyphenols and fermented with probiotics to support a healthy gut.

Teas in this collection include:

Pu’er Green Tea

Pu’er green tea is created through partial fermentation, which means that microbes have already starting metabolizing the tea’s catechins into flavanols.

Pu’er green tea is a living tea that continues to ferment even when it’s in crystal form. The catechins and probiotics in this tea feed the gut, helping improve immunity and cellular regeneration.

Pu’er Black Tea

Pu’er black tea is the result of an extended fermented process where microbes, or probiotics, cause green tea to turn black.

Pu’er black tea is rich in probiotics that help improve the gut’s biodiversity and prebiotics that feed healthy bacteria.

Ginger Digestion Elixir

Ginger is well-known for its digestive benefits. Warm and soothing, this spicy herbal tea is caffeine-free and contains other herbs for digestive health, including:

  • Mint
  • Lemon peel
  • Licorice root
  • Orange peel

All of the herbs in this tea are organically grown.

Rooibos Vitality Elixir

A gentle tea for sensitive stomachs, Rooibos Vitality Elixir provides unique polyphenols, like quercetin and aspalathin.

The antioxidants in this tea support a wide range of gut microflora.

White Peony

A special bai mudan white tea from the Fujian Province. White Peony is full-bodied, fragrant and loaded with polyphenols that support the immune system.

White tea preserves more catechins, which allows for a higher concentration of antioxidants. White tea also feeds healthy bacteria and improves digestion.

Sencha Japanese Green Tea

An exquisite shade-grown green tea from Japan with prebiotic catechins that feed healthy gut bacteria. Caffeine and l-theanine support calm, focused energy.

Passion Fruit Green Tea

A blend of Japanese sencha green tea and passion fruit flavor. Prebiotic catechins feed healthy gut bacteria, while caffeine and l-theanine provide a calm energy boost.

Jasmine Green Tea
Japanese green tea that has been infused five times with fresh Jasmine flower petals. Polyphenols provide prebiotic gut support. Caffeine and l-theanine promote calm energy.

Mint Green Tea
A blend of Japanese green tea and organic spearmint. Mint supports digestive health while providing a refreshing flavor. Catechins also provide prebiotic gut support.

Enjoy cold green tea, or drink it hot for a warming, soothing treat.

Pique Fasting Teas

Pique’s fasting teas are designed to support intermittent and longer-term fasting cycles. They even offer a 7-day fasting program that makes it easy to use their teas to support health and wellness. The program, which was designed by Pique’s wellness and fasting expert Jessica Ederer (JD, CPT, FNS, RYT), includes videos, an eBook, Pique Tea Crystals, recipes, worksheets and more.

Fasting teas use ingredients that improve digestion and help you feel satiated.

Individual fasting teas include:

  • Bergamot Green Fasting Tea: A blend of green teas and ground bergamot from Calabria, Italy.
  • Bergamot Black Fasting Tea: A blend of black teas and ground bergamot from Calabria, Italy.
  • Cinnamon Herbal Fasting Tea: An herbal, caffeine-free blend of cinnamon, burdock root, whole bergamot and mint.
  • Ginger Green Fasting Tea: A blend of green teas, peppermint, ginger, licorice root, orange peel and lemon peel.
  • Matcha Green Fasting Tea: A blend of green teas, matcha and mint.
  • Hibiscus Beauty Elixir: A revitalizing, caffeine-free blend of hibiscus, mint and licorice root.

Pique Energy Teas

Designed to give you a calm energy boost without the jitters. Pique’s energy teas include:

Chaga Energy Elixir

Provides a caffeine-free energy boost using:

  • Wild-harvested chaga mushrooms
  • Burdock root
  • North American ginseng

Pique calls this tea an adaptogenic elixir that supports immune health and longevity.

Contains high levels of caffeine, polyphenols and l-theanine for a calm energy boost.

Sacred Lily Oolong

An oolong variety from Wuyi Mountain that delivers sustained energy, immune support and digestive benefits.

English Breakfast Black Tea

Classic energy-boosting tea made from Ceylon and Assam teas. Contains theaflavins that support gut health and l-theanine for a calm energy boost.

Earl Grey Black Tea

A citrusy blend of Ceylon black tea and oil of bergamot. Provides an energy boost and refreshing flavor without the jitters.

Pique Calm Teas

Reishi Calm Elixir

A calming blend of organic:

  • Reishi mushroom
  • Goji berry
  • Monk fruit
  • Jujube date

Reishi Calm Elixir helps fight against free radical damage and calms the body to support a restful night of sleep.

Sun Goddess Matcha

Ceremonial grade matcha that provides calm energy thanks to its high concentration of l-theanine.

Pique sources its matcha from Kagoshima, which is home to Japan’s first national park.

Where to Buy Pique Tea

Ready to give Pique Tea Crystals a try?

Pique Tea reviews are overwhelmingly positive. People love the taste and the way they feel after drinking Pique.

So, where can you get your hands on a box of this tea? Amazon.

We recommend buying from Amazon because you’ll get a great price, free 2-day shipping (if you’re a Prime member) and the backing of Amazon’s great customer support.

If you’re worried about quality, don’t be. You can buy directly through Pique on Amazon.

Amazon is also where you’ll find their Variety Tea Crystals Sampler, which allows you to try eight of their most popular teas:

  • Jasmine Green
  • Mint Green
  • Earl Grey
  • Sencha Green
  • English Breakfast
  • Vanilla Rooibos Vitality
  • Hibiscus Mint Beauty
  • Ginger Citrus Digestion

In total, you’ll receive 112 single-use sticks.

If you’re going to try Pique Tea Crystals (we hope that you do), give Amazon a try. They have a nice selection of bundles and individual teas.