5 Surprising Health Benefits from Mushroom Coffee

Four Sigmatic

On first thought ‘Mushroom coffee‘ doesn’t sound all that appetizing.  But there is no denying how much people love it- and for good reason.

Why?  Well, if you want to be healthier, mushroom coffee is for you.

This coffee has a lot of health benefits over traditional coffee, but before we get to that, we’re going to answer a question most of you have.

What is Mushroom Coffee?

what is the best mushroom coffee

Okay, you may have heard of keto coffee, and now we’re hearing about mushroom coffee.

Being the most popular drink in America and one of the top drinks in the world, coffee is a great choice for innovative companies to target.

This type of coffee aims to provide you with:

  • Healthier coffee
  • Morning boost

And this is achieved through the addition of dried matsutake mushrooms. The mushrooms have been boiled and liquified, and then the extract is added to the coffee. Nutrients and minerals from the mushrooms require the mushroom to be cooked to be at their peak potency.

Now, if you’re thinking “this sounds gross,” you’re not alone.

The earthy flavor of mushrooms mixes well with roasted coffee beans, providing a smoother flavor to your morning brew.

The health benefits of mushroom coffee are definitely worth giving this coffee a try.

Mushroom Coffee Benefits

1. Immune System Boost Thanks to Antioxidants

Mushrooms are a great addition to your diet, and adding them into your morning coffee provides you with an abundance of antioxidants. Scientific research shows that mushroom coffee can help:

  • Fight disease
  • Provide anti-aging benefits

Antioxidants protect the body and boost your immune system. Mushrooms add a powerful dose of antioxidants to coffee, and this may provide:

  • Skin health benefits
  • Anti-aging benefits
  • Disease fighting power (depending on the antioxidant type)
  • Protection against memory issues
  • Protection against heart problems
  • Protection against eye issues

2. Cancer Fighting Benefits

Mushrooms are very healthy for you, and they have been shown to reduce a person’s risk of cancer. Every mushroom is different, but mushrooms that contain ergosterol peroxide exhibit impressive cancer-fighting properties.

Again, the mushroom type will dictate the efficacy of the cancer-fighting properties.

What was shown in one study is that this peroxide can suppress the proliferate of the colorectal cancer cell lines. When this happens, it’s possible that the formation of cancer can be slowed or stopped.

Of course, more studies need to be done, but this is an impressive start for anyone who wants to help ward off cancer.

3. Oxidative Stress Reduction

Oxidative stress starts to build up due to the normal, everyday stresses that a person will suffer from. Coffee and mushrooms have both been linked to defense against oxidative stress thanks to their ability to fight back against free radicals.

What does this mean?

Free radicals occur for a variety of reasons, and this can be outside of your control: i.e. pollution. Oxidative stress has been linked to:

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Eye disease

And this is just a short list of the health problems that oxidative stress can cause.

A lot of the coffee’s benefit and protection against oxidative stress comes from antioxidants. When you drink mushroom coffee, you’ll protect against free radicals, which damage our bodies on a cellular level.

4. Diabetic Health and Digestive Properties

Diabetes is on the rise, and one key way of slowing the rise of diabetes is to include mushroom coffee into your diet. Mushrooms are rich in what’s called beta-glucans and what this does is help boost digestive health.

Animal studies have shown that beta-glucans can also:

  • Decrease glucose levels
  • Decrease bodyweight
  • Fight against high cholesterol

All of the mice in the study had diabetes. More importantly, the study showed that insulin receptors had a positive impact, improving insulin sensitivity.

Better digestion and control of diabetes is a major benefit of mushroom coffee.

If you’re prediabetic, you may want to consider mushroom coffee as a precautionary measure that can have a lasting impact on your health.

5. Enhanced Liver Health

Liver health is enhanced thanks to mushrooms. There is some evidence that the adaptogens that are in mushrooms will increase and improve liver function. Liver disease is also prevented thanks to these adaptogens.


When the coffee is consumed, it will help:

  • Flush excess toxins out of the body
  • Flush excess waste out of the body

Antioxidant properties will also help to strengthen the liver, and harmful immune system response may also be slowed. This means that the liver can function at a higher level and suffer from less harmful damage in the process.

Overall, this is good news for anyone that has liver disease or the disease runs in the person’s family.

Since you won’t taste the mushrooms in the coffee, it’s a great way to protect your liver without having to suffer through the taste of the mushroom (a benefit if you don’t like the earthy taste of mushrooms).

What is the Best Mushroom Coffee Blend?

Four Sigmatic is one of the best-selling mushroom coffee brands in the world. And their coffee mix also includes chaga (a very potent ingredient that helps fight against cancer) and cordyceps.

Cordyceps are a massive energy booster, and this helps with the stimulation of the adrenal glands and the central nervous system.

The end results?

A balance of cellular energy that outpaces traditional coffee.

Four Sigmatic has a smooth taste – you won’t taste the mushrooms – and there is half the caffeine content that is found in your traditional coffee.

Less caffeine means less jitters, but the extra cellular energy will make you feel more awake and filled with energy than when consuming coffee on its own.

Stamina and athletic performance are also enhanced, so you’ll be a better version of yourself from the very start of the day. You can replace your regular cup of coffee with:

  • 100% arabica coffee beans

All you have to do is add the hot water and your coffee is ready to drink. Highly-rated and reviewed, this is one of the best mushroom coffee blends in the world – based on consumer feedback.

If you want to give mushroom coffee a try, Four Sigmatic is the brand you want to try.