The Lettuce Grow Farmstand Hydroponic Garden System


Gardening is rewarding. Plant a seed, and with the right care, you’ll have a bountiful harvest in just a few months. But, while outdoor gardening has its place, it’s short-lived. You can’t grow food year-round outdoors unless you live in a warm climate.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t grow food indoors 12 months out of the year.

Hydroponics has forever changed the game.

Allowing you to grow virtually anything from right inside your living room. Yes, really.

One of the simplest things you can grow is lettuce, which was the inspiration for the Lettuce Grow vertical hydroponic system.

How To Grow Lettuce Indoors the Easy Way

Modular System Gives You Plenty Of Room To Grow

Lettuce Grow is a vertical tower garden that makes it easy to grow lettuce and hundreds of other plants right from your home. And because it’s a vertical tower, it doesn’t take up much space in your home. You can grow more with less space using one convenient growing system.

Lettuce Grow’s Farmstand, its flagship grow system requires just:

  • 4 square feet of space
  • Less than a gallon of water per plant
  • 5 minutes of time per week

With indoor growing systems, you don’t have to worry about weather, pests and other variables that can make outdoor gardening unreliable. Instead, you’re in control, and that’s what makes this gardening system so beginner-friendly.

The only caveat here is that you need to buy Lettuce Grow’s Glow Rings if you want to grow indoors.

These are the grow lights that will supply your plants with the light they need to grow and thrive. You can easily add them to your Farmstand system, but they come at an additional fee.

The Lettuce Grow hydroponic system may be a good choice for you if:

  • You have a brown thumb
  • You’re just getting started with gardening
  • You want to grow food indoors year-round

Using smart grow technology, the Lettuce Grow system makes gardening virtually foolproof.

Oh, and did we mention that this system is made in the U.S. using ocean-bound plastic? It’s FDA food-grade, BPA-free and CA Prop 65 compliant.

How Does the Lettuce Grow Farmstand Work?

The Farmstand hydroponic system is simple. Hydroponics doesn’t use soil, so it’s a less messy way to grow food.

A quick note: If you want to grow your food outdoors, all you have to do is set up your Farmstand using the manufacturer’s directions. If you want to grow indoors in a space that gets less than 6 hours of sunlight per day, you’ll need to buy their Glow Rings.

Now, back to how the system works.


The Farmstand comes in five sizes, so you can make your system as big or small as you want. In addition, the system is self-fertilizing and self-watering, so there’s minimal maintenance.

The five sizes and their dimensions include:

  • 12 plants – 3’8” H x 1’10” Diameter
  • 18 plants – 4’3” H x 1’10” Diameter
  • 24 plants – 4’10” H x 1’10” Diameter
  • 30 plants – 5’5” H x 1’10” Diameter
  • 36 plants – 6’1” H x 1’10” Diameter

What’s great about this system is that you can always add more growing levels in the future (if you don’t buy the largest one right off the bat). So, if you start with the 12-plant option, you can upgrade to 18+ plants in the future.


Once you have your system set up, it’s time to plant your seedlings. There are hundreds of varieties to choose from (more on that shortly). Lettuce Grow’s seedlings are pre-sprouted, which accelerates the growing process.

When tiny seedlings are shipped in the mail, it reduces emissions by up to 95%. Plus, they deliver their plants in recyclable packaging to minimize the environmental impact.

Lettuce Grow only uses non-GMO and organic seeds whenever possible.


Watch your seedlings grow by investing just 5 minutes a week in their care. Caring for your plants couldn’t be easier, and Lettuce Grow walks you through every step to make it as simple as possible.

Once a week:

  • Add water and nutrients
  • Test pH and adjust as needed (they’ll show you how to do this)

Once per season (about every 3-4 months), you’ll need to reset the system fully. It’s that easy.


Enjoy fresh Farmstand-to-table food in as little as 3 weeks!

What Can You Grow?

Lettuce Grow has more than 200 plants that you can grow in your tower, including:

  • Greens, like Bok Choy, arugula, romaine, kale and more
  • Vegetables, like peas, green onions, cherry tomato, celery, fennel, broccoli, cauliflower and more
  • Herbs, like cilantro, thyme, sage, chives, spearmint and more
  • Flowers, like marigold, viola, snapdragon, alyssum and more
  • Fruits, like strawberries and more

With Farmstand, you can grow virtually anything you can grow in a traditional garden. If you are a medical cannabis solution, we recommend the Superponics system for your medicine.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the Farmstand, you receive:

  • The Farmstand tower, water pump, grow cups, timer and power cord
  • Enough nutrients to feed 130+ plants
  • Seedling grow cups, pH testing kit, pH Down, scoops, stir stick

What’s in the Nutrients?

If your goal is to grow organic produce, you may be concerned about what’s in the nutrients provided by Lettuce Grow.

The nutrients can be broken down into two categories:

Part A

  • Micronutrients, like boron and iron, which plants need to stay healthy.
  • Phosphorous and potassium nitrate, which are minerals found naturally in the earth.
  • Magnesium sulfate, also known as Epsom salt.

Part B

  • Calcium, which is necessary for strong cell walls.
  • Nitrogen, which is what plants need for leafy, vegetative growth.

These two nutrients come in the form of calcium nitrate.

Growing Made Easy

lettucegrow hydroponic garden reviews
Don’t Just Take Our Word For It….

The Lettuce Grow Farmstand hydroponic system takes the guesswork out of growing your own food. Lettuce Grow explains every step, so that you know exactly how to plant, check your water pH, feed your plants and provide an optimal growing environment.

The Farmstand is a great option if you’re looking for a virtually foolproof way to grow vegetables, greens, herbs, and even flowers. Plus, the company will donate one Farmstand for each one purchased, so you can feel good about buying their grow system. You can also feel good about taking charge of your food quality and the health of your family.