Is Salt Therapy Beneficial?

Salt Therapy

Salt therapy is something that people are just starting to realize is an effective way to treat a variety of ailments. While salt therapy may be new to you, the benefits of salt for therapeutic reasons date back to the ancient Greeks and Hippocrates.

The Greek physician noted salt inhalation is an effective way to provide respiratory treatment.

What does this mean?

Salt inhalers are not a fad, and if they are, they have lasted since at least 350 BC. The real question is how effective are these inhalers for a specific ailment. We will be discussing this just a little bit further shortly, but we want to first go in depth about how you should go about inhaling salt.

What is a Salt Inhaler?

Salt is more than just a spice that you dash on food to enhance its taste – it has healing properties. Breathing in tiny salt particles has a way of cleansing the airways, killing infections and resolving flem in the throat.

Salt also has a natural cleansing mechanism to remove foreign bodies and soothe irritation.

While this evidence has always been anecdotal, more and more studies have been conducted to prove the validity of salt’s healing powers.

When you use a salt inhaler, you don’t have to go to eastern Europe or stay in a salt mine as soldiers did in World War II to experience benefits of salt for your overall health.

What Ailments Can Salt Therapy Can Be Beneficial For?

What is salt therapy good for?

Studies have shown some degree of help with symptoms that are related to:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • COPD
  • Hayfever
  • Snoring

You’ll also find that this inhaler, along with salt therapy in general, can also help with:

  • Emphysema
  • Colds
  • Whooping cough
  • General respiratory problems

We do want to note that you will also want to see a doctor if you have any of the issues listed above before trying any other the counter therapy.

Salt therapy will not help cure emphysema or severe respiratory issues, but it does help relieve many of the symptoms that are experienced by patients.

Salt therapy is an alternative treatment and should be used in conjunction with medical treatment when necessary.

What Is The Best Salt Inhaler To Use?

When first trying salt therapy, you’ll notice just how many products are on the market.

Most of which are very affordable (under $20).  Inhalers are lightweight devices that has a many chambers where you will place the salt for inhalation.

There are a few main components:

  • End cover
  • Mouthpiece
  • Upper filter
  • Salt chamber
  • Lower filter

Ergonomically designed, what you’re going to be doing is breathing in through the device and out through your nose. This needs to be done for approximately 15 minutes per day, and the moisture from your breath will absorb tiny particles that are in the central salt chamber.

These particles will enter into your respiratory system, and will be pushed out through your nose.

Scientifically, this treatment also helps by:

  • Fighting off infections
  • Easing irritation
  • Cleansing the respiratory system

And you’ll also find that your body’s natural self cleansing mechanisms are boosted as a result.

This is a 100% drug-free treatment, and has been used as an alternative to steroid treatments.

Salt inhaler treatments are so powerful that many people have been able to reduce the use of their normal inhalers for asthma.  The salt inhaler helps to clear out their airways.

Of course this is not a replacement for taking steroids or other medications that are prescribed for medical conditions, but it can help improve the underlying symptoms naturally.

Salt inhalers are easy to use we noticed a difference after just the first week of using one.

The model we use, Salin Plus, is certified as a Class I Medical Device, this product has been used by leading health professionals across the world with great results.

If used correctly, it doesn’t have any known side effects, so you won’t feel:

  • Tired
  • Foggy
  • Lethargic

The best part is that you can use this device while watching television, listening to music or simply sitting on the couch.

Unlike traditional salt pipes, most professional grade inhalers are refillable, and you can use it for years without having to replace it.

What type of salt is needed?

I was very curious as to what type of salt is needed to use in the inhaler, but natural rock salt crystals are fine.

In an effort to maintain hygiene and effectiveness, it is recommended that you replace the salt every 4 to 6 weeks even if the container is not empty for most of inhalers.

Luckily, my Salin Plus inhaler does not have to be replaced, so that is a little different than most products.

If you’re thinking of using this product for your children, you can utilize Salin Plus at any age – it’s completely safe.

Can I use salt inhalers when on medication?

Unless your doctor recommends that you do not eat salt, you should be able to use a salt inhaler.

Blood pressure concerns due to salt intake are not an issue when using a salt inhaler.

The results occur over time, but in less than a week, I noticed that my respiratory issues started to subside and I was able to breathe freely. I don’t have any major respiratory problems, such as emphysema, but I has always had asthma and been easy to pick up colds. Both of these issues have had their symptoms greatly reduced this winter when using my Salin Plus.

Salin Plus vs Himalayan Salt Inhaler

There is little-to-no difference between the Salin Plus and Himalayan Salt Inhaler. Both of these products utilize salt through an inhaler, and the main difference is price. Most Himalayan inhalers are cost less than the price of the Salin Plus.

The top Himalayan model costs ($40+).

Ultimately, you’ll use apple cider vinegar and a damp cloth to clean the mouthpiece, but you won’t be able to clean it as thoroughly as the Salin Plus. Why is this an issue?

When an inhaler is not cleaned, bacteria growth will occur.

No one – especially a person with respiratory issues – should be breathing in from a dirty inhaler. This can cause a myriad of health issues.

But both products do produce fantastic results.

The Salin Plus salt inhaler allows you to naturally combat respiratory issues that would otherwise require conventional medical treatments. Since you can use this inhaler even with traditional methods, you’ll be able to experience a complete treatment alternative that doesn’t get in the way of your traditional treatments.

And this method has been used for over 2,000 years with the utmost effectiveness.

Would I stop traditional treatment after using a salt inhaler?

Of course not!   This is not a miracle device.

But if you are looking for a natural option to help ease the symptoms of asthma and reduce your chance at getting and lessen the duration of the common cold it has been a nice surprise.

These devices open up your airways and boost your body’s natural cleansing ability.