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Lorene's Picks
Unit: 1 lb.
Reg: $2.15

Green Kale
Unit: 1 bunch
Reg: $2.50

Red Butter Lettuce
Unit: 1 ea.
Reg: $2.65



New Products
Annies - Fun Pasta Shapes with Yummy Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese  
New Bernie’s Farm Microwavable Mac and Cheese Cups combine fun barnyard shapes, like rabbits, tractors, cows and carrots, with delicious cheddar cheese in a compact, microwave-ready cup, perfect for on-the-go families! Parents and kids alike can enjoy wholesome ingredients like organic pasta, whole grains and rBST free cheese (no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST-treated and non rBST-treated cows), in a single serving cup that’s ready in 4 minutes!
Unit: 2.1 oz.
Reg: $2.35
Sahale Snacks Raspberry Crumble Cashew Mix  
A unique take on mom’s raspberry crumble with the mellow smoothness of sliced bananas and a crunchy, buttery cashew and peanut topping.
Unit: 7 oz.
Reg: $9.59
Sahale Snacks Mango Tango Almond Mix  
A satisfying salty-spicy combination of whole almonds and peanuts with the sweet, tart chewiness of lime-infused mango. Punctuated by the subtle kick of chipotle chili.
Unit: 7 oz.
Reg: $9.59
Sahale Snacks Berry Macaroon Almond Mix  
Inspired by a love for macaroon cookies, a combination of lightly toasted coconut, crunchy almonds and cashews balanced by whole sweet blueberries and a touch of tangy lemon.
Unit: 7 oz.
Reg: $9.59
Bobo's Original Oat Bars  
Bobo’s Original flavor is beautiful in it’s simplicity, this great taste is the foundation that all our bars are based on and its still one of our top sellers
Unit: 5 count
Reg: $6.65
Weekly Specials
R.W.Knudsen Apple Juice
Unit: 32 fl oz
Reg: $4.49
Sale: $3.99

Bamboo Cutting/Serving Board & Laguiole Cheese Knife
Unit: 1 ea.
Reg: $16.99
Sale: $14.99

Laguiole Cheese Knife
Unit: 1 ea.
Reg: $10.99
Sale: $8.99

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