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Steamed Clams and Mussels
What You Need
• 1 lb mussels
• 1 lb clams
• 2- 3 lb tomatoes – diced
• 1 medium shallot – fine dice
• 2 garlic cloves – minced
• handful fresh thyme
• fresh parsley
• cup vegetable broth or white wine
• black pepper
• 1 tbsp olive oil

Begin by rinsing the mussels and clams in cold water. Search through them to make sure the shells are all closed. Discard all opened or cracked shells. Preheat deep sauté pan on medium heat for 3 minutes. Add olive oil and sauté tomatoes and garlic for 1 minute. Add shallots and fresh thyme and continue sautéing for another minute. Add shellfish and broth/wine. Cover with lid and steam for 4-5 minutes or until all the shells have opened. Using a slotted spoon, divide the shellfish between 2 dishes. Ladle the tomato broth over the mussels. Finish dish with some freshly chopped parsley and crusty bread.


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