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Gold Circle Farms Omega 3 Eggs
Item #: 30603400998
Our all natural eggs are from hens fed a special DHA-rich diet. Three to four Gold Circle Farms Eggs provide the same amount of DHA as a three-ounce serving of salmon. Consuming just one serving of salmon a week has been associated with heart benefits. Incorporating Gold Circle Farms eggs into your diet will increase your DHA supply so you can enjoy the health benefits of DHA.
Unit: 1 dozen
Gold Circle Farms eggs are produced by feeding our hens an all-natural vegetarian feed diet enriched with cold-water micro algae, which increase the DHA Omega-3 content to 150 mg of DHA per egg versus 18 mg in a regular egg. Research has linked DHA Omega-3 to supporting a healthy pregnancy, and is vital for infant brain and eye development. A three to four-egg omelet made with Gold Circle Farms eggs could provide the same amount of DHA Omega-3 as a three ounce serving of salmon. In simple terms, we believe that by paying close attention to the health of our hens and our environment, we are able to produce the greatest tasting, most nutritious eggs in the world!
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