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White Sweet Corn
Item #: 10202400230
It feels like it is early in the season - but we couldn't resist these guys! Whtie corn can be roasted, grilled, blanced, steamed or pureed. It's bright and sweet flavors lend well to pastas and salads. Dwelley Farms - Oakley, CA
Unit: 1 ea.
Storage Tips
Good quality corn has full, evenly formed and filled ears with straight rows of kernels. The husks will be fresh-looking and bright green, and the silk ends free of decay or worm damage. Be sure the coloring of the kernels is bright and shiny. Pull back the husk and poke one of the kernels at the tip of the silk end with a finger-nail. If juice squirts out and is only slightly cloudy, it's fresh. If the juice is thick or non-existent, the corn is old. Avoid corn that has shriveled, burned looking husks or has dark-colored slime in the tassel. Large kernels, those with dark yellow and dents and wrinkled kernels with no juice in them are all indications of old corn. Also avoid underdeveloped kernels lacking good color (except in the white variety) and short or crooked ears that are not filled almost to the tip with kernels.Usage: Boiled, microwaved or roasted.
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