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Brussels Sprouts
Item #: 10200200141
1lb of Brussels sprouts!! They offer the flavors of the earth and the bitter sweetness of cabbage. The younger the Brussels sprouts carry a sweeter more palatable flavor. - Boskovich Farms - MX
Unit: 1 lb.
Storage Tips
Quality brussels sprouts will be medium-sized, dark green and firm. Occasionally you will find brussels sprouts sold while they are still on the stem. They grow on a sturdy stalk up to two feet long that looks like a small Christmas tree.Avoid brussels sprouts with yellowed leaves, or those that are soft and starting to open or bloom. Also watch out for signs of old product that include spots and blemishes or dark brown coloring on the butt-end.Usage: With sauce toppings, in salads, French fried and au gratin, almondine in casseroles.Usually the smaller sprouts are the best tasting ones.
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