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Pink Lady Apples
Item #: 10101400062
You aren't just biting into an apple when you sink your teeth into these crunchy, juicy, slightly tart and sweet apples; you are having and unforgettable taste experience! Daisy Girl Organics - Wenatchee, WA
Unit: 1 lb.
The crisp texture of Pink Lady ™ apples makes then an excellent addition to both fruit and vegetable salads. They work well in sweet baked goods such as pies, cakes and pancakes. Pink Lady ™ apples can be used to create sauces, preserves and juice. Try sliced thin and served atop savory tarts and flat breads. Their flavor pairs well with gorgonzola cheese, raisins, figs, winter squash, cherries, pecans and with warm spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom.

Pink Lady ™ apples are rich in dietary fiber and contain vitamin A as well as a quarter of your day’s vitamin C needs. An average Pink Lady ™ apple contains between 50 and 60 calories and has a high water content. They also contain boron, which helps to strengthen bones and pectin, which aids in digestion.
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