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Weighing about 6lbs each!!!! These watermelons are a great core salad ingredient, perfect as in cold beverages and can be added alongside savory components such as an albacore crudo. When considering preserving watermelons the flesh can be made into jams and the rinds, pickled. The lack of seeds allow for easy preparation. Early in the season so out of MX right now
Unit: 1 ea.
The Seedless watermelon has the same trademark two-toned variegated green skin and juicy, aromatic sweet flesh as the common watermelon. Though devoid of the ubiquitous black seeds of common watermelons, the Seedless watermelon may contain a trace amount of white, edible seeds. Depending on variety and region of cultivation, average weights can range from six to twenty-five pounds. Look for watermelons with nice even color except for a yellow patch (not white or green) where it laid on the ground.
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