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MaraNatha Creamy Peanut Butter - Hint of Sea Salt
Item #: 21702800023
The classic choice for the peanut butter purist: 100% USDA-certified organic peanuts, double-ground to a rich, velvety smooth consistency. No salt, additives, sweeteners, chemicals, preservatives or trans fats—just the naturally perfect taste of the finest organic peanuts available.
Unit: 16 oz.
Peanut Butters are made in small batches with a special grinding process that uses only the finest, heart healthy* peanuts. We produce Peanut Butter using carefully roasted Organic Valencia or Natural Runner peanut varietals with the choices of creamy and crunchy textures, either with or without salt. We're also excited about our new no-stir varieties - all natural with no trans fat. Peanut Butter is a long-time favorite ingredient in cookies, cakes, candies and sauces. We encourage you to try ours in your favorite recipes and enjoy the extra flavor it adds. Our favorite fast and sweet snack is to put a spoonful on a square of dark chocolate - yum!
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