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Its spears are pale pistachio green with blushes of purple throughout including its conical tips. Its flavor is mildly grassy and slightly balsam with nutty sweet undertones. Devine Organics - Fresno, CA
Unit: 1 lb.
How to store: Stand unwashed stalks upright in about an inch of water and cover them (and the container) with a plastic bag, or wrap the stem ends in a wet paper towel and seal the asparagus in a plastic bag. Asparagus will keep for only about three days refrigerated.

How to prepare: Hold the stalks upside down under cold water and to release any sand that might be caught in the tips. Then hold both ends of each spear and bend; the tough, fibrous base should snap right off. To boil asparagus, tie the stalks together with kitchen string, then stand them up in a cooking pot so the tips are just above the water line. If the stalks are too tall to allow you to use the regular lid to the pan, invert another pan on top instead. You can also cook asparagus in the microwave. Arrange the stalks spoke-fashion, tips toward the center, in about two tablespoons of water in a round baking dish. Cover and cook at HIGH for 7 to 10 minutes, or until crisp-tender. Asparagus are also quite tasty marinated and grilled briefly. Slice thin, fresh raw asparagus and add to a salad, or serve whole spears alongside your favorite dip.

Matches well with: bread crumbs, butter, cheese sauce, chervil, crab, cream, eggs, garlic, hollandaise sauce, horseradish, lemon, mayonnaise, morels, mushrooms, mustard, nutmeg, olive oil, onion, orange, Parmesan cheese, parsley, pepper, rosemary, shallots, soy, vinaigrette
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