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San Jose Organic Food

Planet Organics has been servicing countless pleased customers from San Jose in the south to Petaluma in the north and east to Livermore since 1997. We are a San Jose organic food delivery service, specializing in bringing fresh, top quality, organic fruits and vegetables straight to your doorstep from fine farms all throughout California. Dedicated to the community, our e-scrip program has also donated tens of thousands to local schools since its induction, and when you sign up, a fixed percentage of your order will automatically be given back to the school community of your choosing.

San Jose Organic Food

San Jose organic food delivery also saves you from making those stressful trips to the grocery store by bringing all your favorite fruits and vegetables directly to your kitchen. Because most of our produce originates in California, it will have been handled by the fewest possible people before arriving in your home, and our highly customizable service allows you to select the precise items you'd like contained in your San Jose organic food delivery order. You may also choose from our basic subscription package, for which we will select a delicious assortment of seasonal fruits and vegetables, providing you with the bonus of variety and maybe even a small element of surprise, or you may simply designate the items that you'd prefer not to receive, and we'll gladly substitute them with something you will! Planet Organics San Jose organic food also offers a set list of organic boxes and combinations for you to choose from, and all come in a variety of sizes that are meant to suit different-size households and households that use more or less produce than the average.

With San Jose organic food from Planet Organics, you'll discover hours in your week that you never had before, and you can spend them the way you want them without those weekly or even biweekly treks to the supermarket. We save you the lines and the hassle without skimping on quality. Our organic produce is guaranteed to satisfy, and once you've tried our San Jose organic food and had it delivered directly to you, you'll wonder how you ever tolerated the traffic, the parking lot fiascos, and the unbearable checkout lines of going out to get it yourself.

Sign up for a San Jose organic food subscription now, and you'll get 10% off just for trying it out.

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