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When ripe, blackberries are a purple-black color. Blackberries taste best when their glossy shine becomes dull and their color is more black than purple. Some varieties contain seeds, and depending on ripeness blackberries taste tart-to-sweet. Driscoll - Watsonville, CA
Unit: 6 oz.
Fresh blackberries have nearly limitless applications - sweet, savory, cooked, raw, whole, mashed, pureed or muddled, they're perfect for them all. Bake whole berries into pies and cobblers, or add them to cakes and muffins. Cook down with sugar and lemon into jam, then can it to last throughout the year. Simmer with savory spices to use as a sauce on pork or red meat. Infuse light spirits or muddle with mint and lime for a refreshing beverage, alcohol optional. Blackberries will keep, refrigerated and dry for up to a week.

Blackberries are high in fiber and vitamin C and a good source of folate, potassium and other important minerals. They are cholesterol free, and naturally low in fat and sodium.
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