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Bay Area Organic

Planet Organics is a bay area organic produce provider. We specialize in top quality organic fruits and vegetables grown right here locally in northern California, all around the San Francisco Bay. We prefer to support the smaller, local farms, and we take pride in our ability to ensure the minimum possible handling to all fresh fruits and vegetables before they're brought into our clients' homes and offices. In the cooler months when some items may be harder to come by in the northern California area, Planet Organics may purchase some of its bay area organic produce from farms in Central and Southern California, and with some tropical fruits (like bananas and mangoes) it may become necessary to purchase from farms in South America, as well.

We are not solely a bay area organic produce retailer, however; we're also a delivery service! When you sign up for Planet Organics's San Francisco Bay area organic produce service, you'll also get your top quality produce delivered directly to your home! We offer a wide variety of basic totes; for instance, you can choose from all-fruit or all-vegeatable, or two-thirds one or the other. You may also flag fruits and vegetables that you prefer not to receive, and we will gladly substitute it for other fruits or vegetables that you and your family or coworkers would enjoy. Additionally, you have the freedom to specify every item your order will contain in detail, even down to quantity, or you may simply leave it up to us, if you enjoy that pleasant little surprise and the adventure of finding new and delicious ways to serve your fruits and vegetables. These totes come in a variety of standardized sizes, made to suit varying household usage and frequency, and when you sign up for bay area organic delivery, they'll come right to you either once a week or twice monthly. It's all up to you!

So if you're tired of the hassling trips to the grocery store once a week just to get those sweet grapes or crisp organic lettuce that you and your family enjoy and love, try a subscription to our bay area organic delivery service! It's just like having someone to go to the store for you! And you can have that time back to spend the way you want to spend it, whether it's with your family or just on your own.

Bay Area Organic

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