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Unit: 1 bunch
Reg: $2.75

Loose Red Beets
Unit: 1 lb.
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Unit: 1 lb.
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Australian Lamb Co. Lamb Chop (Frenched)  
Lamb chops are a perfect choice for a quickly cooked dinner and are outstanding cooked on a charcoal grill. Chops are pieces of meat that are “chopped” through the bone and are small enough to serve as individual (or sometimes two) portions. Lamb chops are usually grilled, broiled, or pan-fried at high heat.
Unit: 6 oz.
Reg: $16.57
Superior Farms Boneless Leg of Lamb  
Filled with deep, rich flavor and tender juiciness. Unlike the better-known rolled and tied version, this leg of lamb has a nice hollow area where the bone used to be — stuff it with bread crumbs and handfuls of savory herbs. Serve with roasted potatoes and sautéed spinach. $14.48/lb.
Unit: 3 lb.
Reg: $53.07
Superior Farms Lamb Loin Chop  
Rich, flavorful, and juicy, with just a hint of earthiness and a velvety texture. These are the Rolls-Royce of lamb chops. Leaving the bone in lends a flavor boost that stands up to seasonings and marinades. But lamb loin chops are great with just a little salt and pepper. Quick cooking methods such as broiling, grilling, and pan-roasting bring out the best in these fine chops (2 chops per package).
Unit: 1 lb.
Reg: $21.55
Weekly Specials
KOYO- Garlic & Pepper Ramen
Unit: 2.1 oz.
Reg: $1.55
Sale: $1.35

Organic Valley Feta Cheese
Unit: 8 oz.
Reg: $8.55
Sale: $7.65

Collossal Garlic
Unit: 1 ea.
Reg: $1.95
Sale: $1.50

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