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Lorene's Picks
Unit: 1 lb.
Reg: $2.75

Romaine Lettuce
Unit: 1 ea.
Reg: $2.65

Yellow Nectarines
Unit: 1 lb.
Reg: $3.35


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Root Vegetables
Gold Turnips  
Gold turnips have a pale straw to cornflower yellow hue. The fresh flesh of the Gold turnip is firm and crunchy. The flavor is slightly earthy and exceptionally sweet, with peppery undertones reminiscent of a radish. Riverdog Farms- Guinda, CA
Unit: 1 lb.
Reg: $4.25
Loose Gold Beets  
Steaming and roasting bring out the best flavor that the beet can offer. The skin must be peeled, which is easiest after it has cooked, as it simply slips away from its flesh. Beets pair well with cheese, bacon, apples, fennel, citrus, potatoes, shallots, vinegar, walnuts, smoked and cured fish. Gold beets are milder in flavor than red beets and a bright beautiful gold color that won't stain your fingers. Riverdog Farms - Guinda, CA
Unit: 1 lb.
Reg: $2.99
Loose Red Beets  
These are elongated LOOSE Red Beets, WITH NO TOPS, know as Forono. Organic beets have a unique mixture of phytochemicals that help purify the blood and cleanse the liver. Great 'liver cleansing' smoothie includes, one beet, one apple, half a cucumber, the juice of two lemons, the juice of one lime and two tablespoons of olive oil. It's delicious! Tomatero Farm - Watsonville, CA
Unit: 1 lb.
Reg: $2.79
Weekly Specials
Amy's Broccoli and Cheese Pot Pie
Unit: 1 ea.
Reg: $4.89
Sale: $4.29

Homegrown Bagels Herb Cream Cheese
Unit: 8 oz.
Reg: $5.99
Sale: $4.99

HomeGrown Sesame Bagels (3 ea.)
Unit: 3 ea.
Reg: $3.99
Sale: $3.15

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