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Lorene's Picks
Hass Avocado
Unit: 1 ea.
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Red Onion
Unit: 1 ea.
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Unit: 8 oz.
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Cooking Greens
Bagged Baby Spinach  
Hollister, CA. All clean and ready to eat. Great Raw for salads or for cooking; a very versatile vegetable.
Unit: 8 oz.
Reg: $3.44
Braising Mix  
This mix is unique in it's combination of mizuna, red russian kale, bloomsdale spinach, asian greens, mustard greens, brocili raab chard leaves, beet tops from Coke Farms. San Juan Bautista, California
Unit: 6 oz.
Reg: $5.71
Long a staple of soul food, collard (also called collard greens and just plain collards) is a variety of cabbage that doesn't form a head but instead grows in a loose rosette at the top of a tall stem. It's often confused with its close relative kale and, in fact, tastes like a cross between cabbage and kale. Refrigerate collard in a plastic bag three to five days. Collard is an excellent source of vitamins A and C, calcium and iron. Givens * Something Good - Goleta/Santa Barbara, CA
Unit: 1 bunch
Reg: $2.39
Green Chard  
The leaves are succulent and tender, their flavor far more mellow than other varieties, which is why Green Swiss chard has been nicknamed "Butter chard". Givens - Santa Barbara, CA
Unit: 1 bunch
Reg: $3.16
Green Kale  
Kale's complex flavor wins at Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I've recently enjoyed it by sautéing in olive oil with garlic, then nestling an egg in the middle, adding a touch of broth and letting it steam with a lid on until egg is done. It's such a healthy breakfast; you should try it! Frazier Lake - Hollister, CA
Unit: 1 bunch
Reg: $2.78
Red Dandelion Greens  
Red Dandelion greens have jagged-cut leaves with a reddish-maroon rib running through its center. The leaves of the Red Dandelion greens are a deeper green than that of true Dandelion greens and they grow upright and larger. They offer a bitter flavor with a bit of a bite; very similar to other varieties of chicory. Route One Farms - Santa Cruz, Ca
Unit: 1 bunch
Reg: $3.95
Weekly Specials
Bamboo Cutting/Serving Board
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Gift Certificate $1,500 - For 1,200
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Planet Organics Shopping Bag
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