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Bacon & Sausages
Applegate Natural Uncured Turkey Bacon  
Bacon is a big thing. It's … bacon, for goodness sake! Our Natural Turkey Bacon is a delicious alternative to pork bacon that you can enjoy every day. Our recipe uses select cuts of hand-trimmed natural turkey thigh meat – carefully seasoned and smoked over the crackle of hardwoods. Why is it so great? Because we use whole cuts and don’t use fillers or nitrites, our turkey bacon is meaty, smoky and delicious.
Unit: 8 oz.
Reg: $9.19
NIMAN RANCH- Cured Smoked Bacon  
This bacon is center-cut and smoked over real applewood chips. Perfectly crispy and full of flavor, Niman Ranch bacon enhances more than just breakfast. Add to Italian bean soup, mixed greens, omelets and pasta carbonara.
Unit: 1 ea.
Reg: $8.39
NIMAN RANCH-Uncured Smoked Bacon  
To make this uncured bacon, the pork bellies are dry-rubbed with a mixture of cane sugar, maple sugar and salt. The sugar and salt tenderize the meat, resulting in a delicious flavor. There are no nitrites or nitrates added to preserve the bacon. - Like Niman Ranches other bacon, this is slow smoked over applewood for seven hours which gives it a clean, smokey flavor. Unopened, the bacon will last for 35 days. Once you open the package, it is best used within 3 to 5 days.
Unit: 12 oz.
Reg: $8.96
Organic Prairie Farms Breakfast Sausage Links  
Perfect for the weekday dash, or a sunny country morning, our brown and serve sausage links make a tasty team with pancakes, eggs, or a cup of black coffee (for you minimalists). Speaking of minimal, our sausages contain organic pork and a blend of savory spices—period.
Unit: 12 oz.
Reg: $8.69
Organic Prairie Hardwood Smoked Uncured Bacon  
Is there anything more alluring than the siren song of bacon a-sizzle on the stovetop? How about hardwood smoked, organic bacon from heirloom breed hogs raised in the fresh air and sunshine?
Unit: 8 oz.
Reg: $11.49
Weekly Specials
Bamboo Cutting/Serving Board & Laguiole Cheese Knife
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Gift Certificate $1,500 - For 1,200
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Tasty Bite Beans Palak
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