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Food for Life Ezekial 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Bread
Item #: 21904103793
Made from freshly sprouted organically grown grains, is naturally flavorful and bursting with nutrients. Rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and natural fiber with no added fat. Try it served warm to release its exceptionally rich nutty flavor.
Unit: 1.50 lb.
Ezekial 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Bread Ingredients: organic sprouted wheat, sprouted barley, sprouted millet, malted barley, sprouted lentils, sprouted soybeans, sprouted spelt, filtered water, fresh yeast, sea salt. All ingredients organic except the yeast and sea salt Nutrition Facts: Serving size 1 slice. Calories per serving 80, Calories from fat 5 gr. Sat. fat 0. Total fat .5 g. Cholesterol 0%, sodium 75 mg (3%), Potassium 80 mg Total Carbs 15 gr. (5%), Fiber 3 gr (11%), Sugar 0%, protein 4gr (8%). Vitamin A, 0%, Thiamin 8%, Phosphorus 8%, Vitamin C 0%, Riboflavin 2%, Magnesium 6%, Calcium 0%, Iron 4%, Niacin 6%, Vitamin B6 4%, zinc 4%
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