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Raincoast Trading Albacore Tuna--Canned
Item #: 21405100621
BPA free cans - No bleaching or pre-cooking - No added water or oil - Rich in natural omega 3 oils - Wild caught albacore tuna - Product of Canada - Caught in the Pacific Northwest - No bycatch, no habitat damage - 100% traceability from boat to can
Unit: 5.3 oz.
Raincoast Trading Albacore Tuna are caught 50 miles off the Washington, Oregon and British Columbia coastlines in the Pacific Northwest region. This area is a prime location along the Albacore's migration pattern. When the tuna pass through this area their flesh has its greatest oil content making for a better tasting, more nutritious fish.

There has been concern raised over the concentration of Mercury in fish products which include swordfish, shark, and tuna. Fortunately, Raincoast Trading ALBACORE TUNA does not present a health concern. The problem of Mercury accumulation occurs in large and long-lived fish species that may have accumulated this chemical over the year. Raincoast Trading ALBACORE TUNA are a small, immature fish that are harvested at only a few years of age and have not had time to accumulate the quantities of mercury that are deemed unsafe by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) or The US Food and Drug Agency (FDA)

Raincoast Trading targets superior quality Albacore tuna using a specialized "hook and line" technique, trolling 12 barbless hooks behind each fishing vessel. This method replaces traditional, non- discretionary, dolphin-harming netting practices and helps reduce the number of non - targeted species being caught.

Once the tuna have been brought on board the fishing vessel they are flash frozen, a process faster than traditional freezing methods. The speed of this procedure seals in more of the tuna's natural oils, allowing the flavour of the fish to be preserved and to ensure that the premium quality and freshness of our product is maintained.

All Raincoast Trading tuna are kept frozen during the preparation for canning. This differs from other seafood providers who, rather than keep their fish frozen, cook their tuna once before it is canned and then again during the canning process. This process can reduce the flavour and nutritional value of the tuna and often requires water or oil to be added to make the tuna moist.

Finally, to protect our customer's health and safety, we regularly test our tuna to ensure it does not contain unhealthy mercury levels. It is just another way that Raincoast Trading is committed to providing our customers with a superior quality natural product. INGREDIENTS: albacore tuna, sea salt.
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