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Kabocha Squash
Item #: 10200900348
This forsest green, pumpkin-shaped Squash with light striations has hard, thick skins and only the flesh is eaten. It taste similar between a sweet potato and pumpkin with a rich sweetness and almost fiberless flesh. It can be baked, steamed, pureed, braised, chunked, or smoothed in soups, and baked in puddings, pies, and cakes. Tutti Fruitti Farms, Lompoc, Ca.
Unit: 1 ea.
Kabocha squash is a sweet-fleshed, hard-skinned variety. Peel or bake with the skin on. Dice and roast squash chunks with oil and spices or combine with cream and cheese, baked into a gratin. Add roasted squash to soup, stew or risotto. Puree and mix into softened butter. Slice and roast with honey and citrus. Kabocha squash pairs well with Asian spices, nuts and dried fruit flavors, as well as the textures of cooked faro, barley, lentils, or pasta. Kabocha squash will keep for weeks in cool, dry storage.
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