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Honest Tea Lori's Lemon Tea
Item #: 22003700008
Real Taste - Our goal is to create a product in which the true taste of the leaves comes through. We don't pulverize, process, or concentrate our tea leaves. Instead we brew the whole leaf, a way that Shen Nung would still recognize. We add a touch of organic cane sugar - just enough to accentuate the tea's natural flavor.
Unit: 16 fl oz
Real Tea - At Honest Tea, we embrace the simplicity of tea - water and leaves. Ever since 2730 B.C. when the Chinese emperor Shen Nung first "discovered" tea after some leaves fell into a pot of boiling water, tea has been the world's second most popular drink (behind water). For generations, cultures around the world have enjoyed tea grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers and we don't see any reason to include them in our recipes today.

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