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Madhava Agave Nectar, Amber
Item #: 21213700007
Madhava Organic Agave Nectar comes from the Weber Blue Agave plant and offers a delicious, all-purpose alternative to processed sweeteners. It’s low-glycemic and 1.4 times sweeter than sugar, so you can use less and save calories. Enjoy in your favorite recipes, beverages and anywhere you would use sugar.
Unit: 23.5 oz.
Madhava Organic Agave Nectar is made from the natural juice (aguamiel) of the agave plant, organically grown and sustainably farmed in the Sierra Madres region of Mexico.

The heart of the plant is pressed to extract the agave juice. The juice is then filtered to remove any plant debris and heated to achieve the sweet nectar. The nectar is then filtered again to produce different flavor profiles.
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