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Delicata Squash
Item #: 10200900347
These delicata has firm, fine-grained, yellow to orange flesh that is sweet, rich, and moist, much like a sweet potato. - These are SO tender that when baked you can eat the entire skin. Warren Creek Farms - Arcata, CA
Unit: 1 ea.
Storage Tips
Handle squash with care because they are damaged very easily. They can be stored for four to five days if placed in a perforated plastic bag and placed in the refrigerator. Do not wash until ready to use.Select squash that have a shiny, bright colored skin, are heavy for their size, firm, and free of rust spots, bruises, and cracks. Avoid squash with a dull appearance, which is an indication that it is not fresh. Do not select squashes that are overly large because they tend to be fibrous and their flavor can be bitter. Too small of squash will lack flavor
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