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Keitt Mango
Item #: 10108300132
Keitt mangoes are best eaten fresh, out-of-hand, but can also be added to fruit salads, pureed for smoothies or sorbet, or added to any number of savory dishes. Mx
Unit: 1 ea.
Low in calories and fat, mangoes are a good source of fiber, rich in vitamin A and vitamin C and contain potassium and beta carotene. One average mango has about 110 calories.

Mangoes are most often eaten fresh, when their flesh is juicy and ripe, yet still somewhat firm. An overripe mango will be fibrous and very soft. Peel and diced the flesh of the mango. Add the fruit to non-yeasted sweet breads or cupcake batter. Serve slices of fresh mango with sweetened coconut rice. Blend into smoothies or juice and combine with yogurt for an Indian lassi. Diced mango may be mixed with jalapeno peppers, onion and cilantro in a fruit salsa for seafood or as a marinade. Layer slices over pastry cream in a pre-baked pie crust for a fresh fruit tart. Add diced mango to cooked quinoa with black beans and cilantro, or Asian-inspired green salads. Mangoes should be kept at room temperature and eaten as soon as they are ripe.
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