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NIMAN RANCH- Cured Smoked Bacon
Item #: 32420301163
This bacon is center-cut and smoked over real applewood chips. Perfectly crispy and full of flavor, Niman Ranch bacon enhances more than just breakfast. Add to Italian bean soup, mixed greens, omelets and pasta carbonara.
Unit: 1 ea.
Each package weighs approximately 12 oz., an serves 3-4. .75 lbs 12 - 14 slices (contains nitrites).

Most hogs today are raised in confinement, including many 'naturally' raised hogs. Not Niman Ranch hogs! Their hogs are raised on a network of independent sustainable family farms, where they're allowed to run, root and roam according to their natural instincts. Niman Ranch hogs are never given antibiotics, meat or animal-byproducyts. The care they're given results in some of the finest tasting pork in the world. Larry and his wife Pat farm with their children Mike and Amy. They raise 1,000 hogs for Niman, primarily a cross between Farmer\'s Hybrid and Hampshire. They joined Niman in July 1999. They raise their own feed. They enjoy the farrowing process, watching the sows nest, deliver and rear their young. This is one of Niman's family farms.
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