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Seedless Green/Thompson Grapes
Item #: 10100400035
Thompson Seedless grapes are one of the sweetest varieties of the green grape. Over 99% of the grapes grown commercially in the United States are from California. Grapes are grown in the 450 mile long by 50 mile wide area between Sacramento and the San Joaquin Valley regions and in the Coachella Valley in Riverside County.
Unit: 1 lb.
Storage Tips
Good-quality grapes are well-colored, plump, firmly attached to the stem and are fairly large. (Some varieties of red grapes are supposed to be small.) Select grapes that are fairly firm, but not rock-hard. White or green grapes will have a yellow cast or straw color with a touch of amber when at their taste peak. Grapes are always picked ripe, and do not ripen further once off the vine.Avoid grapes that are soft, wrinkled, shriveled, shattered or that have bleached areas around the stem. Soft or wrinkled grapes means they are getting old or have not been kept cold.
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