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Garnet Sweet Potato
Item #: 10211000325
Garnet yams are slender, ovate and cylindric in shape, tapering at the ends. They have a rough semi thick skin with a pale salmon color. The flesh is golden orange, moist and starchy. The flesh's color turns a vibrant golden yellow cooked. Its flavor is sweet and its starchy textures allows it to absorb accompanying ingredients' flavors. Quail
Unit: 1 lb.
The high sugar and starch content of garnet yams make them suitable for a wide range of both sweet and savory applications, and many cooking methods. Serve them mashed winter squash, baked into a pie, pureed in a soup, or simply baked on their own and stuffed with roasted veggies, meat or cheese. Both the oven or the deep fryer make for equally delicious french fries, far more nutritious than those made with white potatoes.
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