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Hass Avocado
Item #: 10202300227
The pit is small in this fruit so you get a good amount of meat. Hass avocado's flavor reflects its texture - creamy and smooth with a nutty and sweet finish. Purity - George, WA
Unit: 1 ea.
How to select: Look for unblemished fruit, heavy for their size. Ripe avocados yield to pressure. Speed the ripening process by placing in a paper bag.

How to store: At room temperature until ripe, in the refrigerator for several days to slow the ripening process. Will discolor rapidly when exposed to the air, so if you need to store them or recipes made with significant avocados, wrap tightly in plastic wrap so no air touches the surface at all. Contrary to popular belief, storing the seed with the guacamole will do absolutely nothing to keep the dish green.

Matches well with: basil, bread, chiles, cilantro, crab, cucumber, garlic, grapefruit, leeks, lemon, lime, mangoes, mint, red onions, oranges, parsley, pineapples, pistachios, salt, shrimp, smoked fish, sugar, tomatoes, vinaigrette, vinegar
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